Springs Ranch Elementary School Library

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    Master Reader
    Accelerated Reader Program
    Our school uses the Accelerated Reader program. This computerized quiz program is available to all students. Students who wish to participate can log-in through Clever and Renaissance. If the student passes the quiz, he or she earns points.
    Our Master Reader Status allows students who have earned 100 or more Accelerated Reader points to check out more books. When a student earns a master reader status, he or she also gets a READ poster made to hang in our school. These posters go home at the end of the year. 

    Achievement Color Points Prize
    Red 25 points Red keychain
    Blue  50 points Blue keychain
    Master Reader  100 points Keychain/ T-shirt/ Poster/ Up to 3 books at a time
    Silver Master Reader  200 points  Silver keychain/ Poster/ Up to 4 books at a time
    Gold Master Reader  400 points  Gold keychain/ Poster/ Up to 5 books at a time
    Platinum Master Reader 750 points    Platinum keychain/ Poster/ Up to 6 books at a time
    Titanium Master Reader 1,000 points     Titanium keychain/ Poster/ Up to 7 books at a time
    Diamond Master Reader    1,500 points    Diamond keychain/ Poster/ Special Plaque/ Up to 8 books at a time