Springs Ranch Elementary School Library

Welcome to the Springs Ranch Elementary School library. We are glad you are visiting us online. Parents, please feel free to stop in to the library to set up a parent account. 
Scholastic Reading Counts
Our school uses the Scholastic Reading Counts program. This computerized quiz program is available to all students in 2nd-5th grades. Students who wish to participate can log-in to a personal account while here at school to take a comprehension quiz on a book. If the student passes the quiz, he or she earns points. These points can then be traded in for prizes at a monthly reading counts store. Huge thanks to our wonderful PTO for providing us with funding for the prizes! 
Library Check Out: 
Students in Kindergarten and First Grade check out one book at a time.
Students in 2nd Grade - 5th Grade  check out two books at a time.

Our Master Reader Status allows students who have earned 100 or more Scholastic Reading Counts points to check out more books. When a student earns a master reader status, he or she also gets a READ poster made to hang in our school. These posters go home at the end of the year.

Master Reader  100 SRC points Up to 3 books at a time.
Silver Master Reader  250 SRC points  Up to 4 books at a time. 
Gold Master Reader  500 SRC points  Up to 5 books at a time. 
Platinum Master Reader 1,000 SRC points    Up to 6 books at a time. 
Titanium Master Reader 1,500 SRC points     Up to 7 books at a time. 
Diamond Master Reader    2,000+ SRC points    Up to 8 books at a time 

SRES Library Events

  • SRES Welcomes the PPLD Bookmobile!
    We are proud to announce that we have partnered with the Pikes Peak Library District to use our school as a biweekly stop for the Bookmobile! This summer the Bookmobile will use our bus parking lot from 9:30 - noon. This is open to the public, all neighbors are welcome to stop in.  We hope you will utilize this fantastic service. Please help us spread the word! 
    The Bookmobile will be here Mondays, November 14 and 28, and December 12 and 26, 2016. 
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Recommended Reading

  • Cover of Rain Reign

    Rain Reign

    by Ann M. Martin Year Published: 2014
    This novel tells Rose Howard's story as a child with Asperger's syndrome, and reading it will make your heart soar! Rose loves homonyms (even her name is a homonym). She and her dog Rain are practically inseparable, until a storm blows through town and Rain goes missing. Rain Reign is a wonderful story that our intermediate students enjoy. 
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  • Gaston

    by Kelly DiPucchio Year Published: 2014
    Our students love this book about puppies and fitting in with families. The adorable illustrations and French puppy names have made it an overnight sensation in our school library. Gaston is an endearing and memorable character. The book is also nominated (by kids) for our state award, The Colorado Children's Book Award. 
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  • Three Times Lucky

    by Sheila Turnage Year Published: 2012 Mystery, Chapter Book, Battle of the Books title

    Moses LoBeau, a quick thinking, loyal 11 year-old growing up in Tupelo Landing, NC has a mystery on her hands. As a baby, she was rescued during a hurricane by The Colonel, who along with Miss Lana, took her in. Together they operate a popular cafe in their small town. When a stingy townsperson turns up dead and a big-city lawman invades the town, Mo and her best friend Dale rely on their wits and strong friendship to see each other through, working to solve the mystery and keep their town safe. 

    Three Times Lucky is an exciting mystery that kids will enjoy. Mo and Dale are written almost like adults and will surely engage young readers. The town of Tupelo Landing quickly becomes an endearing character itself and the cast of townspeople add diverse flavor. Students at Springs Ranch already agree - they love this book!

    "This book was amazing. It was a fun and wild ride through a lot of imagination." -Jessie, 5th grade

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  • Unicorn Thinks He's Pretty Great

    by Bob Shea Year Published: 2013 Picture Book
    This book will appeal to students of all ages. We have been reading it in our library as it is nominated for the Colorado Children's Book Award 2015, which our students will get to vote on in the spring. The bright pictures are engaging, and our students identify with the Goat and Unicorn characters. I love the grass is greener message which the kids have easily picked up on. Students and Librarian agree, we highly recommend this wonderful picture book!
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  • Land of Stories #1 - The Wishing Spell

    by Chris Colfer Year Published: 2012 Fantasy, Fairy Tales, Adventure
    Our 4th and 5th grade students love this new book series by Glee actor Chris Colfer! The story follows twins Connor and Alex Bailey after they fall into a book and find themselves in the Land of Stories, a place where our world's beloved fairy tales are true and where the characters we know so well continue to live. Alex and Connor must find a way to get back home. They encounter many fantastic adventures in their quest to obtain the items needed for the Wishing Spell, a spell that may be their only hope to get home.
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Library Services Overview

A school library, or media center, is a library within a school where students have access to a variety of resources. The goal of school libraries and media centers is to ensure that all members of a school community have equitable access to books and reading, to information, and to information technology. School libraries are distinct from public libraries because they serve as learner-oriented laboratories that support, extend and individualize a school's curriculum. A school library often serves as the center and coordinating agency for learning materials.

Districtwide Book Drive

In an effort to help some of our struggling readers, we are asking you to donate any of your gently used books. By providing students with reading materials, you can help them grow their personal libraries. You can help us put every child on their pathway for success, whether that leads to college or career. We are accepting any books, but would like to focus on materials suitable for ages 5-10. If you would like to donate, visit one of our book collection centers: 
  • Vista Ridge High School
  • Sand Creek High School
  • Falcon High School
  • Enrollment Office (Tutt Blvd.)
  • Central Office (Woodmen Road)
If you have any questions or want more information on how you can support this initiative, please contact Ami Craig at 719.494.8933 or