Family Handbook

  • Falcon Elementary School of Technology Mission Statement
    The staff of Falcon Elementary School of Technology is committed to the continuous improvement of educational practices and unwavering dedication to excellence.
    In order to embrace the challenges of the future FESoT values:
    R espectful Relationships
    E mpowered Learners
    S tudent-Centered Curriculum
    P ositive School Climate
    E ngaging Instruction
    C ollaborative Environment
    T wenty-First Century Skills
    Falcon Elementary School of Technology is a place where students and families want to come and staff and teachers want to stay.
    Falcon Elementary School of Technology Vision Statement:
    Falcon Elementary School of Technology strives to be an exemplary school in which the children are the beneficiaries of an outstanding education.
    Respectful Relationships
    Respectful relationships are highly valued at Falcon Elementary School of Technology and are centered on honesty, integrity, and compassion. Students know that the staff empathizes and cares for them, and staff feel appreciated for the work that they do with our children.
    Empowered Learners
    Teachers empower our students to be motivated learners by setting high, clear expectations. Our students are accountable for their own learning and through collaboration with their teachers, each set personal academic goals for achievement.
    Student-Centered Curriculum:
    At Falcon Elementary School of Technology we appreciate individual differences. We strive to teach the whole child by developing strengths and skills in the areas of fine arts and physical education, as well as academics. Through a data-driven approach, we provide differentiated instruction, which meets the learning needs of all of our students.
    Positive School Climate:
    Respect, responsibility, and right choices are the corner stone of the positive school climate at Falcon Elementary. Our friendly, welcoming atmosphere invites parent and community involvement. Through positive role models and open communication, we have created a safe and nurturing learning environment.
    Engaging Instruction:
    Falcon Elementary School of Technology is strong in its professional development of teachers. Teachers are always researching and implementing best practices in order to close the achievement gap. Differentiated instruction, on-going assessments, and timely feedback provide support for all students. Through technology integration and a strong literacy focus, we provide systematic and purposeful instruction.
    Collaborative Environment:
    Falcon Elementary School of Technology is a Professional Learning Community. Teachers work together using an organized system of developing common assessments, gathering and analyzing data, and setting learning targets.
    Twenty-First Century Skills:
    Communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and problem solving are life skills students’ need in the twenty-first century. Through an engaging curriculum and technology integration, our students learn the skills they need to be successful in a high-tech world.