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About Springs Ranch Elementary School

Springs Ranch Elementary School, located in Sand Creek Zone at 4350 Centerville Drive in Colorado Springs, was established in 2001. It is a comprehensive neighborhood school that is student-focused, offering a strong academic foundation and well-rounded program of enrichment opportunities and character development.


Springs Ranch Elementary School has a staff committed to student achievement and the development of the whole child. They emphasize the literary arts of reading, writing and speaking, but also help students excel in the math, science and social studies areas. Educators work in collaborative teams to deliver the best foundational academics in each of the subject areas. They offer specials that enhance and enrich student learning in music, art, physical education, informational literacy and technology. They also offer differentiated curriculum for students who excel academically and special education services for those who need these supports.

The school has a strong component of character education emphasizing respect, responsibility and safety and a rich menu of afterschool enrichment opportunities.


Students can participate in the student ambassadors’ program, peer mediators, chorus, orchestra, intramural basketball, Landsharks running club, scouts and afterschool classes.


The Parent Teacher Organization and School Accountability Committee offer numerous ways to be involved and connected to the school, from family fun nights to school improvement, fundraisers and social events. There are many opportunities to volunteer.

Springs Ranch Elementary School

Springs Ranch Elementary School is a child-centered community, preparing students in a safe, respectful and collaborative environment, to be responsible citizens and lifelong learners, well-equipped with a strong academic foundation for the 21st century.

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