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  • Renaissance Field Day

    Students missed the last hour of the day to participate in a field day just for them!

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  • Renaissance Events

    2nd quarter events for students who have Renaissance cards

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  • Renaissance Numbers Are In

    Here's quick update on our Renaissance numbers for 1st quarter this year. As a reminder, students make a level of Renaissance as long as their GPA is 3.0 or above and they have no discipline referrals. For first quarter, we had 428 total students make Renaissance. In 6th grade we had 161 students, 7th grade 150 students, and in 8th grade 117 students that made a level of Renaissance.

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Horizon Middle School Renaissance Program

  • Horizon Middle School offers a Renaissance program to celebrate student achievement throughout the school year. The Jostens Renaissance program gives staff the power to change our school environment. Our goal is boost academics, participation and engagement within our school with excitement, appreciation and energy in celebrating the achievements of our students.
    Through Renaissance we will use real world strategies of rewarding, recognizing, respecting and reinforcing excellence and improvements in our students and teachers. Our goal is to recognize every student for something great this year! There will be times throughout the school year where whole classes or groups of students are recognized and rewarded for things such as: all students in class on time, all students having homework completed, and any other things we come up with to recognize students. Students will also be working towards levels each quarter and will earn incentives during and after the level is reached. Students who reach a level will receive special invites to pep rallies and special events, we often invite parents to these as well. Students can earn free admission to games and dances by reaching a level. Free T shirts, lanyards and other incentives will entice and engage your child throughout the school year!

    The levels for achievement are included below. Encourage and touch base with your child frequently to celebrate their accomplishments!
    1. Red Level 3 – 3.0-3.49 GPA and no referrals
    2. Black Level 2 – 3.5-3.9 GPA and no referrals
    3. Gold Level 1 – 4.0 GPA and no referrals
    Recognizing and awarding academic success is an important aspect of creating school spirit at Horizon Middle School. Through the Renaissance program, we will celebrate student achievement and school pride.
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Renaissance Program Overview

  • Jostens Renaissance is an acclaimed educational enrichment program that is customized by schools and their community. Jostens Renaissance empowers school faculty, students and parents to make it matter by boosting GPAs, increasing attendance, improving school pride and growing graduation rates.
    Jostens Renaissance is a recognition program that gives schools the power to change their school for the better. School leaders can boost academic performance with the excitement, appreciation and energy traditionally reserved for athletics. This program empowers educators with the uplifting energy of awards and accolades to inspire underachieving students and overworked staff.

    Your attendance. Your GPA. Your school pride. Your education. Make it matter.

Renaissance Committee

  • Jennifer McClain
    Renaissance Program Leader
    Elizabeth Dalzell-Wagers
    Renaissance Program Leader
    Lori Maher
    Renaissance Program Leader