Off-Campus Policy

  • The flexibility of our schedule at Springs Studio for Academic Excellence necessitates an alternative policy for off-campus privileges when students/families choose to receive Face-to-Face services at the Springs Studio for Academic Excellence campus.  All K-8 students will operate in a closed campus environment and will not be allowed to leave campus without a parent or staff member. Our high school students in grades 9-12 will operate in an open campus environment; students are not mandated to attend any courses on campus.  During blended options for coursework students/families have chosen to attend courses on campus. Therefore, all high school students have the privilege to leave campus but must adhere to our policies for leaving campus.

    These policies are to ensure that if there were an issue, we could determine the location of all students:
    Every student must be signed into our building at the front desk upon arrival.
    • Anyone leaving campus must sign out in the front office before leaving.
    • You cannot take anyone with you except for a sibling if you drive.
    • If walking off-campus, you must use crosswalks and follow pedestrian laws.
    • All students must return within the time allotted for lunch on blended days.
    • You must have updated contact information on file with SSAE.

    Driving to Springs Studio for Academic Excellence and the ability to leave campus is a privilege. Failure to drive within the limits of Colorado Springs traffic laws, follow the guidelines for off-campus privileges and the terms of this form might result in the loss of driving privileges or revocation of your off-campus privileges.

    As a parent, you have the option to deny your student the right to leave campus.  If you do not want your student to leave campus, please sign this form and return it to SSAE.  We do not have a security person to verify all students who leave campus, therefore; if your student leaves campus after this denial of off-campus privileges is signed they will receive disciplinary measures commensurate with truancy in a brick and mortar facility.