BASE49 Overview


    BASE49 launched in 2014 as a Sand Creek Zone pilot initiative. After measuring its effectiveness and efficiencies, it expanded in 2017 to serve students in all coordinated elementary schools. The before and after school program provides quality care on scheduled school days, as well as during early release and assessment and professional development days for working families. We provide daily hands-on science and art experiences, homework help, and movement activities (soccer, jump rope, basketball). Base49 has a theme-based week comprised of choices that engage diverse age groups.

    Families rely on BASE49 to provide a warm, safe, fun and quality before and after school program for their children, kindergarten to fifth grade (generally ages 5-12). The program offers before and after school care in all of the District 49 coordinated elementary schools. 

    "Where children create, imagine, build and explore"

    Base49 provides each student with a fun-filled environment that engages and challenges children. We offer your child the choice to participate in one or all of our daily activities, such as art, drama, science, sports, group activities and homework help. We provide a daily exploration curriculum to keep children engaged with opportunities that help them make healthy choices, interact with friends. 

    BASE49 Highlights:
    • Participating in creative hands on activities 
    • Enjoying a healthy afternoon snack
    • Playing group sports and active games
    • Homework help
    • Hands on science activities
    • Having fun being a kid in a safe and warm environment 
    • Making new friends
    • Before and after school programs
    • Programs during summer, fall, winter and spring breaks

    *Please note all changes and cancellations to schedule must be submitted in writing to at least 7 days in advance to ensure credit or refund; anything less than 7 days may result in normal charges to your account.


    Tuition Rates & Program Fees for 2018-2019: 
    BASE49 allows for families to select a consistent schedule or a flexible schedule. A yearly, non-refundable registration fee of $35 (one child) or $60 (per family) is requred before children can participate in the school year program. Please note any payments returned as insufficient funds or card failures may result in a $25 NSF fee added to your BASE49 account.

    Hours of BASE49

    • Our Before School program starts at 6 am
    • Our After School program is open until 6 pm
    • Our full day and summer programs are open from 6 am to 6 pm M-F

    Fixed Schedule Rates
    Full Time Before & After School (Weekly) - $110
    Before School (Weekly) - $60
    After School (Weekly) - $73

    Flexible Schedule Rates
    Before School Daily - $16
    After School Daily - $19

    Before AND After Daily - $30

    Fall, Winter, Spring Break Programs (please see 2018-2019 Non-School Calendar to determine locations)
    Daily - $35
    Weekly - $141

    Full Day Care Program (please see 2018-2019 Non-School Calendar to determine locations)
    Non-School Days* - $35
    * Full day care days must be selected and scheduled separately from before and after school care days.

     *Ask about Military and D49 Employee Discounts (main office 719-495-1182 or email 

BASE49 Main Office

Danielle Grimaldo
Program Manager
Phone: 719.495.1182
Hillary McLean
Assistant Program Manager
Phone: 719.495.1182
Tammy Bradley
Office Assistant
Phone: 719.495.1182

BASE 49 Site Directory

FESoT BASE49 Program
Patty Schlegel
Phone: 719.200.3603
OES BASE49 Program
Margaret Atencio
Phone: 719.761.3362
SES BASE49 Program
Dawn Howe
Phone: 719.761.8931
RVES BASE49 Program
Melodie Noel
Phone: 719.761.5308
MRES BASE49 Program
Samantha Malchow
Phone: 719.930.9506
EIES BASE49 Program
Erin Chapman
Phone: 719.930.0413
RES BASE49 Program
Linda Sanderson
Phone: 719.499.0325
SRES BASE49 Program
Margaret Melfi
Phone: 719.499.4752
WHES BASE49 Program
Ingrid Haby
Phone: 719.930.8995