Educator Evaluation Process

The Colorado Department of Education has identified classroom teaching and school leadership as the strongest school-based factors impacting student achievement. CDE is helping the state’s 178 school districts attract, prepare and support great educators. Each school district must publish to its public written educator evaluation systems that align with Colorado's Educator Effectiveness Bill (Senate Bill 10-191). For more information, visit the Educator Effectiveness page on the CDE website. On this page, we'll provide the documents School District 49 uses for evaluation procedures in each of its zones.

Todd Matia

Educator Evaluation Documents

POWER Zone Evaluation Council

Mike Pickering
Power Zone Superintendent
Sherry Kyle
Power Zone Operations Administrator
Tammy Roebel
DAAC Representative, Parent
Bruce Grose
Vista Ridge High School Principal
Elaine Schoen
Vista Ridge High School Assistant Principal
Linda Koiter
Vista Ridge High School Teacher
Cindy Olmstead
Vista Ridge High School Teacher
Cathy Tinucci
Skyview Middle School Principal
Jen Newberg
Skyview Middle School Teacher
Desiree Streib
Skyview Middle School Teacher
Laurel Theisen
Skyview Middle School Teacher
Theresa Ritz
Ridgeview Elementary School Principal
Heather Swayne
Ridgeview Elementary School Teacher
Gabe Hammel
Odyssey Elementary School Teacher
Bryn Abrahamsson
Odyssey Elementary School Teacher
Jeff Mouton
Stetson Elementary School Principal
Nicole Blanc
Stetson Elementary School Teacher
Shauna Turner
Special Education Teacher