Return to Learn September 14th

  • Friday, Sept. 4, 2020

    Dear Skyview Middle School Families, 

    With approval from our Board of Education, D49 will start a blended in person learning model on Monday, September 14. Students will be divided by alpha split into two groups. 

    Spanish Letter/Letra española

    Vietnamese Letter/Thư Việt Nam

    Arabic Letter/رسالة عربية

    Mandarin Letter/普通话字母


    Thank you for continuing to be a part of the Skyview community through our SMS Return to Learn Model.  As we prepare to bring students back into the building, there are many aspects of In-Person learning that will align with your student’s daily schedule.  It is important to maintain a schedule and communication with the school.  Structure and organization are critical to students’ academic success, and we encourage you to review your student’s daily progress.  

    Our goal is to allow families to continue to engage and be a part of the Skyview community and enjoy the rich learning that we have to offer.  We appreciate your patience as we work through the return to learn plan in this ever-changing environment.  

    Please take the time to review the Return to Learn plan with your students to determine if this will be the best course of action for their learning style.  This is a collaborative effort between the school and our Skyview families.  We look forward to seeing your students soon.

    Students choosing to continue with the E-Learning model full time, will shift to the normal bell schedule (7:45-2:55). Students will be expected to attend for the entire class period. Attendance will be taken on a daily basis.  Other than the change in the bell schedule, your student will continue with this learning plan through the first quarter. 

    It is important that families complete the following Return to Learn survey to allow SMS to get an accurate count of students that will be participating in full Virtual Learning or In-Person learning. 

    Survey Link Here


    Section 1: Calendar, Schedules, and Logistics

     Student Grouping 

        • How will my students be grouped? 
    • Students will be divided by alpha split into two groups.  
          • Cohort A: A-L: Will attend in person Monday and Tuesday and Virtually On Wednesday and Thursday.
          • Cohort B: M-Z: Will attend virtually Monday and Tuesday and In person on Wednesday and Thursday.
          • Friday will be an Independent Learning Day for students.  Students will not be following the class schedule but can attend tutoring or receive help as determined by the grade level team. Students should be finishing assignments or taking assessments as this is a work day for students not a free day. 
        • Parents of students in special groups will be contacted individually for additional in school contact days and schedule.  
        • Families that align with two different groups based on last name will be contacted by a grade level counselor to make an adjustment to the same grouping.  






    Cohort A:






    Independent Learning

    Cohort B:






    Independent Learning

    • Daily Bell Schedule 
      • What will the schedule be?
        • Students will follow a regular day schedule attending 4 core classes and 2 enrichment classes.
        • All students will resume the regular day schedule. 7:45-2:55
        • Bell Schedule  
    • Passing Periods 
      • When will students move between classes or activities?
        • Students will be given time between classes to travel to their next class. 
      • How will students move through the building?
        • Students will move in a one-way direction through the hallways. 
        • Students are encouraged to get to their next class as quickly as possible.
        • Students will not be gathering in the hallway.
        • Students will use specific entry/exit doors in their grade level only. School Map
      • Are there any adjustments to limit density or close contact in hallways?
        • Students will no longer use their lockers to allow for quicker transitions and reduction of congregating in the hallways.
        • Passing periods have been extended to allow for staggered release times.

    • Lunch Schedule 
      • When will students eat lunch?
        • There will be three lunch periods at school, one for each grade level.
        • 6th Grade 12:41-1:11
        • 7th Grade 10:43-11:13
        • 8th Grade 11:57-12:27
      • How many students will eat school lunch vs. bring their own?
        • We expect about 50% of our students to purchase a school lunch. 
        • At this time, students will have the option to bring their lunch from home or purchase from nutritional services. 
      • Can I have lunch with my student at school?
        • No visitors will be allowed to eat lunch with students.
      • Will students pick up school lunch or have it delivered “Class Dash, Grab-n-Go?”
        • Students that need to purchase lunch will enter the cafeteria and grab lunch then sit at the tables in the cafeteria, gym, or outside.
      • Where can I pick up lunch for my students on virtual days?
        • Information regarding school provided lunches for students on E-Learning days will be communicated to parents by the district. Please look for future messaging from the district communications department.
      • Where will students eat, and how will that location support personal safety?
        • Students will be able to eat in the cafeteria, small gym, and outside.
        • All indoor seating has been designed to allow for six-foot seating. All students eating outside will allow for appropriate spacing and a mask break.
        • In the case of inclement weather, a designated team will eat lunch in the classrooms.  
      • How will we clean after lunch?
        • Custodial staff will clean the cafeteria and small gym after each lunch. 
    • Plans for Recess 
      • Will students still have recess?
        • Yes- students will be allowed to go outside when they are done eating.
      • Will students wear masks at recess?
        • No. Students will get a “mask break” while they are outside.  
    • Transportation 
      • More information is available through our transportation website at D49 Transportation. 

    If you have questions about our calendar, schedule, or transportation please contact your grade level counselor or administrator:

    6th Grade 7th Grade 8th Grade

    Meghan Sanders Scott Bonynge Patty Gioscia

    Jennifer Williams Kaylyn Farrell Sharon Smith


    Section 2: Personal Safety System

    Our district’s personal safety system rests on four foundations, cleaning, washing, masks, and distance. 

    • Cleaning 

    In schools, building managers will be the primary points of contact for the building leader for cleaning equipment, supplies, and protocols. We recognize that educators and support staff will need to participate in additional or as-needed cleaning, building leadership is working to collaborate with the building manager to set expectations and provide resources to support enhanced cleaning. Additional detail about facility cleaning is included in our Facility Safety System below. 

    • Washing/Sanitizing 

    Hand washing, sanitizing, and personal hygiene related to touching faces, eyes, etc. is a major part of our safety system and is the component that relies most on personal responsibility.  While handwashing is preferred, additional hand sanitizer stations will be located throughout the school.   

    • Masks/Face Coverings 

    The July 15 governor’s order requires masks for children age 10 and over. In compliance with the Governor's orders we are requiring all persons to wear a mask when entering Skyview Middle School.   

    • Physical Distancing 

    Our partners in El Paso County have told us that students wearing masks, seated three feet apart, are at no elevated risk. Still, four feet is better than three, and five or six is better still. The guidance from state and county is realistic but optimistic that spreading out as much as possible, masking up to the greatest extent possible, and limiting close contact within and across cohorts is an appropriate plan for public health and safety in our schools 

    If you have questions about our personal safety system, please contact your grade level counselor or administrator.

    6th Grade 7th Grade 8th Grade

    Meghan Sanders Scott Bonynge Patty Gioscia

    Jennifer Williams Kaylyn Farrell Sharon Smith


    Section 3: Facility Safety Systems 

    • Daily Cleaning 

    To manage the additional burden on facilities and education staff, we applied some COVID relief funds to contract with a cleaning services company, which will provide additional cleaning personnel for ensuring clean conditions throughout our buildings.

    For shared devices and surfaces, we expect to provide and use the equipment and approved cleaners, sprays and wipes to implement more frequent cleaning. The Facilities Department is preparing a list of “Frequently Asked Questions” and general guidance for user-level cleaning.  There are settings where standard soap and water are best, and other conditions where a dedicated wipe or solution will be appropriate (such as on devices or specialized surfaces). We will also have a small number of devices to test the application of using UV light to disinfect objects. Our cleaning strategy is a little bit of “all of the above” and “all hands on deck.”  

    • Cleaning As-Needed 

    In addition to the contracted cleaning providers, our building facility crew will be available for clean-up of spills or other conditions that require a rapid response. No teacher or student will be expected to use cleaning equipment or supplies that require personal protective equipment like gloves or respirators. 

    • Ventilation 

    Within buildings, increasing air exchange with outside air is one measure of reducing the risk of virus spread. To that end, a standard guideline for the district will be to open windows whenever the physical infrastructure and weather allows us, in order to increase ventilation within buildings. The Facilities Department will also increase overall building air exchange with external air by adjusting air handling systems for greater flow. This will increase the speed at which air inside the buildings is exchanged with air from outside the buildings. In conjunction with increased airflow, they will change air filters more frequently within our climate systems in order to maintain maximum airflow through clean filters.  

    Some stakeholders have asked about installing filters fine enough to sanitize the air by capturing “virus-sized” particles. This would present a different challenge: the installation of these types of filters would also serve to impede airflow, as standard air handling systems (like the ones we have in our building) do not have sufficient power to “push” air efficiently through such fine levels of filters.  We will continue to seek innovative solutions that will further enhance air quality controls.  

    • Security and Safety 

    We will continue to implement our enhanced security system with augmented district and zone personnel supporting our school security team and administrators. We will conduct safety drills with increased emphasis on safe distancing and movement and decreased emphasis on timing factors. 

    If you have questions about our facility safety system, please contact your grade level counselor or administrator.

    6th Grade 7th Grade 8th Grade

    Meghan Sanders Scott Bonynge Patty Gioscia

    Jennifer Williams Kaylyn Farrell Sharon Smith


    Section 4: Public Health System 

    • Screening 

    Guidance from El Paso County is that “Self-reporting by parents with a home temperature check may be the most effective strategy for many schools. This should be deployed in a way that works best for each individual school.” This matches the CDC recommendation to “Educate parents and caregivers on the importance of monitoring for and responding to the symptoms of COVID-19 at home.” So, we will be providing instruction to students and support to parents for techniques and resources for symptom screening at home. In addition, we encourage all parents, students, and staff to visit the Colorado COVID symptoms resource at 

    • Testing 

    In District 49, we are not establishing dedicated testing sites, because there are many free and accessible testing options throughout the county, and because we intend to rely on the direction and oversight of personal physicians for when, and what process to follow for testing. El Paso County health leaders maintain close oversight of testing facilities, and our partnership with them will help us detect any infection or transmission at our school. 

    • Contact Tracing 

    At Skyview Middle School, we have identified a rapid response team (RRT) who have received specialized training for managing symptoms, facilitating testing, and contact tracing to prevent exposure or transmission.  

    • Symptoms at School 

    In the event that a staff member or other adult develops symptoms while at school, that individual will leave campus (with any necessary assistance) and consult with a physician to determine the next steps. If a student develops symptoms, we will relocate that student to the health room or isolation location where they will have appropriate supervision while we wait for a parent to pick them up. We will provide additional guidance to parents about the next steps for consulting with a family physician and communicating with the school. 

    • Isolation or Exclusion 

    Individuals with confirmed infection or clear symptoms of COVID-19 will be excluded from our school and may enter isolation or quarantine depending on the medical direction from a personal physician. We will follow the vocabulary and general approach described in the following diagram:


    Section 5: Learning Systems 

    • In-Person Learning 

    In-person learning will look different, as we accommodate social distancing, reduce close contact with and between students, and adjust our schedules to accommodate time for cleaning, and safe transitions between activities. We will innovate solutions to the challenges of learning under COVID conditions and may evolve our methods rapidly as we develop new best practices. Classroom teachers and other classroom educators will take the lead in implementing in-person learning. 

    • E-Learning 

    At Skyview Middle School, our approach to E-Learning addresses four elements, staffing, curriculum, platform, and assessment. Please view our E-Learning Plan here.  If you have not already requested for E-Learning at Skyview Middle School, please contact the school office, to request for your student to attend E-learning. We will contact you directly in case we need to coordinate the distribution of learning devices or other materials. 

    • Student Cohorts 
      • At Skyview Middle School students will learn and move through the building in grade-level groups. Grade levels will be moving throughout the building at staggered times. 
      • Students will also be asked to use separate grade-level entrances.
      • Please see the attached aerial entrance view.    

    If you have questions about in-person or E-learning, please contact your grade level counselor or administrator

    6th Grade 7th Grade 8th Grade

    Meghan Sanders Scott Bonynge Patty Gioscia

    Jennifer Williams Kaylyn Farrell Sharon Smith


    Section 6: Communications Systems

    At Skyview Middle School, we rely on PowerSchool to communicate with parents and students. 

      • Email
      • Phone
      • Etc.

    Please make sure we have accurate contact information so we can follow up if needed, or contact you with any immediate needs or information. 

    As we look forward to learning in these unprecedented times we know that there continues to be changes.

    We look forward to being able to provide an exciting and engaging opportunity for students as we return to the classroom setting.  Please know that as we receive new information we will make adjustments accordingly to provide the safest learning environment possible.  Your students' academic success is at the heart of what we do at Skyview Middle School and we will continue to provide an enriching experience for all students.   


    Go Eagles

    Matthew Sisson, Principal

2020-21 School Year



    **Updated August 31st**


     SMS Logo

    Dear Skyview Families,

    I wanted to take this opportunity to provide you with updated information following the District email last night stating that we will be moving to a full E-Learning model, E49 2.0. As we continue to put the final touches on our full E49 plan, please know that several key items are important as you prepare your child for virtual learning.  Links have been provided for families to sign up for devices.  Please note the date and time of the pick-up so that we can ensure that your device is ready for pick up.  Student schedules are posted on PowerSchool Parent Portal and Student Portal.  Please take time to review your student’s schedule as they will be required to follow their daily schedule.   

    As we step forward into the full virtual classroom, I encourage you to review the E-Learning Family letter.  The letter highlights key points to allow students to have a successful working and learning experience.  Although there will always be unknowns as we start the school year we want to continue to focus on the needs of our students.  Please reach out to your student’s grade level administrator or counselor with questions so that we can best support your student’s transition to E-Learning. 

    In this ever-changing environment, I continue to be encouraged by the resilience of children and their excitement for learning. We will continue to build on programming and adjust to meet students' ever-changing needs.  As we know, we will be met with challenges along the way but with a growth mindset we will overcome and build on every opportunity.  


    Go Eagles

    Matthew Sisson

    Skyview Middle School, Principal


    Device Checkout

    If your Skyview student is in need of a device to access their work daily, please call (719) 495-5566 and ask to speak with the grade level administrator. 

    Please remember you MUST complete the AUA prior to picking up your device. If you have not yet completed this, please use the link below to complete the AUA.

    AUA Form


    iPad Students Device Checkout - MANDATORY

    All iPad students must check out a school iPad even if they have a device they can use for E-Learning. Students on the iPad team are often asked to complete tasks that are specific to the iPad and the applications available on the school iPads. If your student is a 6th grade student or new to the iPad team as a 7th or 8th grader, please use the device checkout links above. If your student was on the iPad team last year and will continue on the iPad team this school year, you do not need to pick up an iPad as you should still have the one from last year. 


    Student Schedule

    E-Learning will begin on August 18 for all families. Students will follow a modified version of their daily schedule. All students must virtually join their classes at the scheduled times. Please reference the bell schedule below.

    E-Learning Bell Schedule


    Accessing Student Email

    All Skyview students have a district email address through Gmail. 

    Student email is their student ID # (for example

    Student password will be their “everything password” that they create using the “everything password survey”


    Schoology Instructions

    Students will access Schoology by going to

    Students will use their student ID as the username and their password will be their “everything password”

    This is where students will go to virtually join their classes that start on August 18. 


    Parent Portal - PowerSchool

    If you have questions about accessing parent portal for PowerSchool to access your student’s schedule, please contact Juli Romero,

    E-Learning Family Letter

    Please reference the E-Learning Family Letter for more information on E-Learning processes.

    E-Learning Family Letter


    If you have any further questions or concerns, please reach out to your student’s grade level counselor or administrator. 

    6th Grade:

    Meghan Sanders:

    Jennifer Williams:


    7th Grade:

    Scott Bonynge:

    Kaylyn Farrell:


    8th Grade:

    Patty Gioscia:

    Sharon Smith: