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  • New Honor Library Now Open!

    Honor Library

    On the 2nd floor of our building a small but mighty library has opened with the assistance of the ICA PTO. The library was named the "Honor Library" for two reasons:

    1. The books available are 'honored' books because they are either on the Advanced Reading Challenge (ARC) lists or on the Battle of the Books list [for 5th graders].
    2. Use of the library is 'on-your-honor.' No library card is needed, and books are checked out when the student simply logs the book title, his/her name and the date checked out in the library's log book. Books should be read as quickly as possible, returned and logged back in by the student.

    Your family can help support our Honor Library by donating your used books. A book drop for donated books is available right inside the front entrance (underneath the donated Uniform ReSale drop bin). Donated books will become the property of Imagine's Honor Library. Please donate only ARC or Battle of the Books titles.

    Advanced Reading Challenge title lists and information is available by clicking on this ARC link.

    Battle of the Books title list for 5th graders is available at the Pikes Peak Regional Battle of the Books Home Page.

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Imagine Classical Academy Indigo Ranch PTO

  • The Imagine Classical Academy PTO is an organization whose mission is to strengthen, enhance and encourage community among families. The ICA PTO partners with parents and staff to promote volunteerism in order to enrich the academic and character development of the academy's students. The PTO contributes financial support for school improvement projects and programs. We are always looking for new parent volunteers and active PTO members.
    Some events we help coordinate include:
    • Quarterly General PTO Meetings
    • Monthly PTO Board Meetings
    • Fundraiser Nights 
    • Back To School Night
    • Uniform ReSale
    • Walk-to-School
    • Fall Book Fair
    • Trunk-or-Treat 
    • Monster Mash Dance
    • Holiday Shop
    • Holiday Teacher Appreciation
    • Movie Nights
    • Rollerskating Nights
    • Restaurant Nights
    • Spring Fundraiser
    • BOGO Book Fair
    • Teacher Appreciation Week....and more!
    Contact PTO with questions, concerns or ideas that may arise throughout the year.

ICA PTO Committees

  • Advanced Reading Challenge

    Commitment: During The School Day

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  • Book Fair

    Commitment: During The School Day Or Weekend For Set Up And Tear Down

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  • Box Tops

    Commitment: In The Evening

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  • Family Fun

    Commitment: In The Evening

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  • Fundraising

    Commitment: During The School Day Or In The Evening

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  • Membership

    Commitment: During The School Day Or In The Evening

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  • Student Events

    Commitment: During The School Day

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  • Student Recognition

    Commitment: During The School Day Or In The Evening

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  • Teacher Appreciation

    Commitment: During The School Day Or In The Evening

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  • Uniform ReSale

    Commitment: During The School Day Or In The Evening

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Parent-Teacher Organization

  • A Parent Teacher Organization is a formal organization that consists of parents, teachers and school staff. The organization's goals may vary from organization to organization, but essentially the goals include volunteerism of parents, encouragement of teachers and students, community involvement, and welfare of students and families. It is not affiliated with Parent-Teacher Association or Parent-Teacher-Student Association. PTA is a national association of millions of members and thousands of local units that provides leadership training and staff support.

ICA PTO Events

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PTO President
Michele Meredith
PTO Vice President
Emily Phillipich
PTO Secretary
Angie Theda
PTO Treasurer