Special Education Advisory Committee

  • Tyra Young

    The role of the D49 Special Education Advisory Committee (SEAC) supports and shapes the quality services for children with disabilities.

    The committee’s work is critical and the benefits support our students. The committee can increase involvement, strengthen communication and improve relationships among stakeholders. The SEAC helps ensure that students with special needs receive the most appropriate education. D49 SEAC is used to provide suggestions to improve performance indicators from the State Performance Plan and services for students with disabilities. When district-wide collaboration improves, programming for students with and without disabilities is strengthened, setting the stage for improved student achievement.

    The Special Education Department in D49 embraces the mission statement for SEAC committees as outlined by the Colorado Department of Education.  Our mission is to actively represent children/youth with disabilities and impact decisions made on their behalf to enhance the quality of educational services.   

    To receive more information pertaining to meetings and upcoming events contact d49seac@gmail.com.

    Join us for our next SEAC meeting!  Click Here for the ZOOM link.

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