Falcon Elementary School of Technology Principal

Dr. Michael Roth



Degrees and Certifications:

Dr. Michael Roth

My father served in the U.S. Navy for my entire childhood. I grew up all across this country. That experience as a student gave me an appreciation for making friends, having a good education and a love for my country.

I was a curious kid who would jump out of bed every morning looking for adventure. I chose to be a teacher and studied at Trinity University in San Antonio, TX. This career has allowed me the opportunity to have adventures every day in addition to fulfilling my calling to enrich the lives of others. I never thought I would stop being a classroom teacher - but after 14 years though, a wise principal asked me to coach teachers in mathematics, science, and coordinate the gifted program in a Pk-8 inner city school in Denver. In the meantime I attended the educational leadership doctoral program at the University of Denver. My dissertation was called Hope’s Voice: Listening to Urban Youth. My passion was to learn how to help all children grow- I discovered Hope Theory by Dr. Snyder (1991) and believe it can help all schools inspire children to learn. While in my program I was invited to become an assistant principal- again I never thought I was going to leave the classroom but this position fit me well. I found a passion for investing in teachers and working on systems that helped them help children grow. A few years later I was offered the chance to lead a large, high performing school with an active parent community and experienced staff. Again- this position allowed me to enrich the lives of an entire community. Our students learned to honor local First Responders and Veterans annually. We carried on the great traditions they had in place like the Senior Prom (a Dance for 5th graders and senior citizens). We also found ways to add new experiences for the children like our STEM lab and outdoor learning area.

I am now joining the Falcon Elementary School of Technology. FESoT has a wonderful community and I am humbled and honored to be part of this family! This school has wonderful people that serve your children and the district has highly gifted, intelligent, and compassionate leadership.

My other family (home) consists of my two lovely daughters, Lily (4ys) and Mikayla (1yr). We love going to the zoo, the pool, and the playground together. A little about my interests and hobbies: I love basketball, scuba diving, kid’s stories, and watching students make a difference.

Come visit our school when you get a chance! Everyone is welcome here!