2015-2016 News

  • Firefighters Build Relations With Preschoolers

    Bricyn Ward, apprentice firefighter from the Cimarron Hills Fire Department, stands as Jermaine Frye, firefighter and paramedic, describes personal protective equipment during a visit with preschoolers May 24 at Evans International Elementary School in District 49.

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  • Eighth-graders Teach Second-graders Lessons in Science

    Second-grader Isabelle Bailey, 7, and eighth-grader Xavier Archuleta, 14, build a biosphere during the “Biosphere 3” field trip May 5 at Horizon Middle School. The field trip’s purpose was to present various components of science to the younger students.

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  • Elementary School Choir Participates in Music Festival

    Choir students from nine elementary schools performed at the District 49 Music Festival on May 3.

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  • News Channel 5 Broadcasts Live at EIES

    Evans International Elementary School fifth graders take part in News Channel 5's live midday broadcast on May 2.

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  • Fifth-graders Unfold A Year’s Reading, Novel Experiences

    Fifth-grader Lily Lyons, 11, turns her thumb up with a team from Evans International Elementary School during a regional Battle of the Books competition April 14 at Colorado College in Colorado Springs.

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2014-2015 News

  • On Your Mark, Get Set, Go!

    "It's a great chance for our kids to be out and compete against other schools," said Kara Woolery, Evans International Elementary School counselor, "They are showing us what they can do and are such upstanding young people. It's a nice way to end the year."

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  • Students Share Interactive Projects During IB Exhibition

    Fifth-graders Ricardo Rodriguez, 10, and Caedan McCulloch, 11, inform classmates about water pollution May 13 at Evans International Elementary School.

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  • Science Teachers for the Day

    Eighth-grader Amber Muehlhausen, 13, teaches a lesson about reflection and refraction May 7 at Evans International Elementary School.

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  • Joy Of Singing Heard At Annual Elementary Choir Festival

    The Stetson Raider Choir, led by Becca Garner, performs 'Pizza Love' April 27. Fifth-grader Shawn Escobar grabs the microphone at the end of the song an outro solo. Students attending the event went wild for Escobar. Before the performance, Escobar wanted to give the part to someone else, but encouragement from Ms. Garner was successful. The Elementary Choir Festival, an annual tradition in District 49, was held at Woodmen Hills Elementary.

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  • District Battle of the Books Arms Students for Regional

    Evans International Elementary School fifth-grader Alexis Gonzalez, 11, discusses a question about a story April 9 during a districtwide Battle of the Books competition at Evans International Elementary School in District 49.

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  • Air Force Band Brings ‘Holly and Ivy’ Back to District 49

    George Preston, KCME-FM general manager, reads “’Twas the Night Before Christmas” during a special U.S. Air Force Academy Band "Holly and Ivy" concert for elementary school students Dec. 17 at Sand Creek High School in Colorado Springs.

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  • Santa’s Toy Express: How a Colorado Community Rushes in Joy

    A child speaks with Santa Claus, played by retired firefighter Jim DeGeorge, after shopping for his family Dec. 6 during Santa’s Toy Express at the transportation department in District 49. Fifty-one students, most 4-8 years old, received a call this year from the “elves” of Santa’s Toy Express.

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  • Students Celebrate School Pride, Good Choices Ahead of Fall Break

    Second-grader Abbey Rosencrans, 8, cheers with her class spirit stick during a pride assembly Oct. 9 at Evans International Elementary School in District 49. Each classroom of students designed and created a spirit stick to represent their group qualities.

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  • Firefighters Provide Hands-On End to Third-Grade Unit of Inquiry

    "I know what they'll look like when they come to help," said third-grader Jodi Tyler, about seeing Cimarron Hills Fire Department Lieutenant Matt Rasdall in full gear.

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  • How D49 is Helping a Wheelchair Racer Change the World

    While faculty members prepared for a new school year July 29 at Sand Creek High School in Colorado Springs, Jess Markt was racing on the outdoor track.

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2013-2014 News

  • Fifth Graders Exhibit IB Research Projects

    Fifth grader Miguel Smith, 10, answers questions from fourth graders about his research project May 13 at Evans International Elementary School in Falcon School District 49.

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  • Fifth-graders Prepare for Pikes Peak Battle of the Books

    Fifth-grader Frank Hoyle, 11, collaborates with teammates during a districtwide Battle of the Books event April 9 at Evans International Elementary School in Falcon School District 49.

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