2015-2016 News in District 49

  • Student Council Members Bring Buddy Bench to RVES

    Fifth-grader Jake Amaya, 11, sits on a “Buddy Bench” May 24 at Ridgeview Elementary School.

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  •  RVES student in Humvee during  68th CSSB’s visit April 28.

    Strong Students, Strong Communities

    “A few months ago a small group of our students that made up a support group for kids who have parents in the military that are deployed asked if Soldiers from Fort Carson could bring some of their military vehicles to the school,” said Marjorie McKeal, Ridgeview Elementary School Assistant Principal. “What started out as a question grew into what we have here today.”

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  • Elementary School Choir Participates in Music Festival

    Choir students from nine elementary schools performed at the District 49 Music Festival on May 3.

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  • Fifth-graders Unfold A Year’s Reading, Novel Experiences

    Fifth-grader Lily Lyons, 11, turns her thumb up with a team from Evans International Elementary School during a regional Battle of the Books competition April 14 at Colorado College in Colorado Springs.

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  • RVES Teacher Receives "Best Teacher Ever" Award

    First grade teacher Ginger Sain received KRDO-TV's "Best Teacher Ever" award March 3, at Ridgeview Elementary School.

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2014-2015 News in District 49

  • Challenger Learning Center

    Challenging Mission: To The Moon

    The POWER Zone schools in District 49 focus on the STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) ecosystem. Fifth grade students from the gifted program at the zone's three elementary schools visited Challenger Learning Center May 20. The students participated in a mission to a lunar base on the moon.

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  • Boys take off during a sprint at the District 49 field day.

    On Your Mark, Get Set, Go!

    "It's a great chance for our kids to be out and compete against other schools," said Kara Woolery, Evans International Elementary School counselor, "They are showing us what they can do and are such upstanding young people. It's a nice way to end the year."

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  • Joy Of Singing Heard At Annual Elementary Choir Festival

    The Stetson Raider Choir, led by Becca Garner, performs 'Pizza Love' April 27. Fifth-grader Shawn Escobar grabs the microphone at the end of the song an outro solo. Students attending the event went wild for Escobar. Before the performance, Escobar wanted to give the part to someone else, but encouragement from Ms. Garner was successful. The Elementary Choir Festival, an annual tradition in District 49, was held at Woodmen Hills Elementary.

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  • Organization Puts "Fun" in Fundraiser, Focusing on Fitness and Character Building

    Fourth-grader Natalya Gibbons, 10, completes laps during a fundraiser April 15 at Ridgeview Elementary School.

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  • Boardrooms to Classrooms: Businesswoman Inspired By Students

    Fourth-grade teacher Becki Sims explains research skills during a writing class April 14 at Ridgeview Elementary School in District 49. It was nearly 10 years ago, when Sims started volunteering in a kindergarten classroom. The experience would change her life, and many others.

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  • RVES Family Opens Little Free Library

    Logan Clemens, 5, checks out reading material at a Little Free Library gathering place April 10 near Ridgeview Elementary School in District 49.

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  • Sims Honored for Earning Teacher Appreciation Scholarship

    Becki Sims, Ridgeview Elementary School fourth grade teacher, describes the moment she found out she had earned a University of Phoenix teacher appreciation scholarship during “Fantastic 49” recognition April 9, ahead of a monthly Board of Education meeting in District 49.

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  • Gazette: Finish Line Is Just The Beginning For Girls On The Run

    Read the front page story featuring Ridgeview Elementary School in the Colorado Springs Gazette, March 9.

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  • Gilbert Honored by BOE for Academic Progress, Educational Leadership

    Tenth-grader Caleb Gilbert, 15, of Vista Ridge High School explains how assistive technologies have supported his academic career during “Fantastic 49” recognition Feb. 12, ahead of a monthly Board of Education meeting in District 49.

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  • Santa’s Toy Express: How a Colorado Community Rushes in Joy

    A child speaks with Santa Claus, played by retired firefighter Jim DeGeorge, after shopping for his family Dec. 6 during Santa’s Toy Express at the transportation department in District 49. Fifty-one students, most 4-8 years old, received a call this year from the “elves” of Santa’s Toy Express.

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