2015-2016 News

  • Southern Colorado Meets OES Third-Graders on News 5

    Learning about weather and being on television was a highlight of the day for third grade students at OES on May 4.

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  • Elementary School Choir Participates in Music Festival

    Choir students from nine elementary schools performed at the District 49 Music Festival on May 3.

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  • Fifth-graders Unfold A Year’s Reading, Novel Experiences

    Fifth-grader Lily Lyons, 11, turns her thumb up with a team from Evans International Elementary School during a regional Battle of the Books competition April 14 at Colorado College in Colorado Springs.

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  • OES STEAM Night Combines Families, Community Partners

    Third-grader Alayah Ashley, 8, watches Dr. Ron Furstenau, a professor of chemistry at the U.S. Air Force Academy, explain the low boiling point of liquid nitrogen, during a family night March 10 at Odyssey Elementary School in District 49.

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  • OES Students on 'Expeditions' Around the World and Beyond

    "I'm going to tell mom and dad I went all the way around the world in school today!" said Donovan McPherson, Odyssey Elementary School second-grader. Google Expeditions arrives in Colorado for the first time Mar. 1, immersing Odyssey Elementary School students in experiences that bring abstract concepts to life, giving students a deeper understanding of the world beyond the classroom.

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2014-2015 News

  • Challenging Mission: To The Moon

    The POWER Zone schools in District 49 focus on the STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) ecosystem. Fifth grade students from the gifted program at the zone's three elementary schools visited Challenger Learning Center May 20. The students participated in a mission to a lunar base on the moon.

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  • On Your Mark, Get Set, Go!

    "It's a great chance for our kids to be out and compete against other schools," said Kara Woolery, Evans International Elementary School counselor, "They are showing us what they can do and are such upstanding young people. It's a nice way to end the year."

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  • Joy Of Singing Heard At Annual Elementary Choir Festival

    The Stetson Raider Choir, led by Becca Garner, performs 'Pizza Love' April 27. Fifth-grader Shawn Escobar grabs the microphone at the end of the song an outro solo. Students attending the event went wild for Escobar. Before the performance, Escobar wanted to give the part to someone else, but encouragement from Ms. Garner was successful. The Elementary Choir Festival, an annual tradition in District 49, was held at Woodmen Hills Elementary.

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  • School Volunteer: ‘You Can Give Back With Time’

    Maria Gaudette helps children purchase gifts in a holiday shop Dec. 18 at Odyssey Elementary School in District 49. She started volunteering five years ago to give faculty more time with students.

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  • Santa’s Toy Express: How a Colorado Community Rushes in Joy

    A child speaks with Santa Claus, played by retired firefighter Jim DeGeorge, after shopping for his family Dec. 6 during Santa’s Toy Express at the transportation department in District 49. Fifty-one students, most 4-8 years old, received a call this year from the “elves” of Santa’s Toy Express.

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  • Active Classroom Propels Odyssey Comets

    "The kids are up and constantly moving," said Amy Willis, fourth grade teacher at Odyssey Elementary School, "Kinesthetic activity helps them retain more than constantly sitting in the desk."

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  • Odyssey Elementary School Holds Hero Day Activities

    Officers of the Colorado Springs Police Department are greeted for a “brave and bold” parade during a Hero Day celebration Sept. 11 at Odyssey Elementary School in District 49. The students observed Patriot Day with activities honoring selfless service in their community.

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2013-2014 News

  • Spec. Ed. Students Walk Miniature Horses

    Sierra Jarmon, 16, a Mello Memories volunteer, walks a miniature horse with seventh-grader Raneisha Clay, 12, during a special education activity May 19 at Skyview Middle School in Falcon School District 49.

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  • District 49 BOE Honors its Colorado Healthy School Champions

    Physical education teacher Tony Marino talks about Skyview Middle School's $2,500 Colorado Healthy School Champions award during a Board of Education meeting May 8 in Falcon School District 49.

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  • School Puts Community in Health Plan, Wins Grant

    Skyview Middle School opened its doors for a community-led health expo March 21 in Falcon School District 49.

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  • How a Middle School United to Tell a Student’s Secret

    Eleven-year old Katarina Lucardie had a secret she couldn’t hide any longer. She wanted to tell it. She wrote a note.

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