2015-2016 News

  • Elementary School Choir Participates in Music Festival

    Choir students from nine elementary schools performed at the District 49 Music Festival on May 3.

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  • Fifth-graders Share "Spacesuit" Designs

    Fifth-graders Rachel Foulks, 11, and Madison Jones, 10, present their “spacesuit” design to a panel of local experts April 21 Woodmen Hills Elementary School

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  • Students Toss Pies at Principals During Assembly

    Dr. Kathy Pickering, principal, and Mike Miller, assistant principal, prepare for a pie toss during a celebration assembly Dec. 11 at Woodmen Hills Elementary School.

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  • WHES Celebrates National PTA School of Excellence Award

    Woodmen Hills Elementary School recently received the National PTA School of Excellence Award for the 2015-17 school years. It's one of only three schools in the state and the first school ever in District 49 to receive this honor.

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  • Students Use 'Hour of Code' to Sharpen Computer Skills

    Fifth-graders participated in the worldwide Hour of Code event Dec. 7 at Woodmen Hills Elementary School in District 49. The event is connected to Computer Science Education Week and organized by Code.org.

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2014-2015 News

  • On Your Mark, Get Set, Go!

    "It's a great chance for our kids to be out and compete against other schools," said Kara Woolery, Evans International Elementary School counselor, "They are showing us what they can do and are such upstanding young people. It's a nice way to end the year."

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  • Family Science Experiments At WHES Made Possible By Falcon Education Foundation

    "I would really like to thank the Falcon Education Foundation for the opportunity and the huge grant that they awarded our school," said Paula Hinson, WHES project based learning instructor and GT coordinator. "The impact of that grant on what these kids are learning is huge."

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  • Joy Of Singing Heard At Annual Elementary Choir Festival

    The Stetson Raider Choir, led by Becca Garner, performs 'Pizza Love' April 27. Fifth-grader Shawn Escobar grabs the microphone at the end of the song an outro solo. Students attending the event went wild for Escobar. Before the performance, Escobar wanted to give the part to someone else, but encouragement from Ms. Garner was successful. The Elementary Choir Festival, an annual tradition in District 49, was held at Woodmen Hills Elementary.

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  • Students Compete Against Teachers in Basketball Fundraiser

    Fourth-grader Conner Ury, 10 competes against teacher Katherine Kessler March 19 during a student teacher basketball game.

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  • Santa’s Toy Express: How a Colorado Community Rushes in Joy

    A child speaks with Santa Claus, played by retired firefighter Jim DeGeorge, after shopping for his family Dec. 6 during Santa’s Toy Express at the transportation department in District 49. Fifty-one students, most 4-8 years old, received a call this year from the “elves” of Santa’s Toy Express.

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  • Students Give Thanks to Veterans

    Veterans receive thank you cards from students Nov. 11 during an American Walk event at Woodmen Hills Elementary School in District 49.

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  • ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Honors Family

    Principal Kelly Warren and assistant principal Mike Miller were challenged to the ALS ice bucket challenge by staff. The challenge honored the Mullinex family who lost husband and father, Jason Mullinex, to ALS in July of 2012.

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  • WHES Students Start New School Year

    Andrea Crosby releases her 5-year-old daughter, Olivia, as she hears her first day of kindergarten is about to start Aug. 1 at Woodmen Hills Elementary School in District 49.

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2013-2014 News

  • Principals Kiss Goat After Pop Tab Fundraiser

    Fifth grader Alexandra Smith, 11, pets a three-week-old Nigerian Dwarf buck held by principal Kelly Warren during an assembly April 12, 2013, at Woodmen Hills Elementary School in Falcon School District 49.

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