Communications Overview

District 49's communications team works hard to keep you current with the district's activities, programs, leaders, students and initiatives. We re-enforce the public’s requirements for accountability, transparency and trust.
  • Accountability to the public – taking great care to expedite explanations of the district’s successes and immediate responses to its failures.
  • Transparency in actions – ensuring maximum disclosure with objective reporting of events, actions and decisions.
  • Trustworthy source of information – respecting needs to be informed, inform others and collaborate during planning and execution phases.
  • Personalized communications — collaborating with an understanding that each community member harbors his or her own information needs and expectations.
    Personable in coordination — interacting with people as people, not as members of a collective on either side of communications initiative.
Matt Meister
Communications Director
Office: 719.495.1151
Amy Matisek
Internal Communications Manager
Office: 719.495.2136
Tori Reyes
Marketing and Communications Specialist
Office: 719.495.1144
Amy Bremser
Media and Television Broadcasting Specialist
Office: 719.499.3756