Safety and Security at SES

  • Raider Safety Bulletin

    The safety of the students at Stetson Elementary School is of the utmost importance to the staff of the school. To keep your children safe, we use a variety of drills and procedures to ensure everyone knows what to do in the event of an emergency. Please continue to read below for a recap of those procedures.

    Stetson Elementary Daily Security Precautions

    • Keeping all outside doors locked.
    • Visitors must be buzzed in by the front office.
    • All visitors must check in at the office, show identification, and receive a sticker authorizing them to be in the building.
    • Classroom volunteers must have a background check to include fingerprints.
    • Picture identification and authorization verification is required for an adult to pick up a child from school.

    Stetson Elementary School-wide Drills

    Lockdown drills:
    o We typically conduct between two and four lockdown drills each year. These drills are designed to familiarize students with the procedures we would follow if there were an emergency situation inside the school. These procedures are designed to keep our staff and students safe.
    o We coordinate with local law enforcement on these procedures, have them observe at least one lockdown drill, and provide feedback to improve the procedures.

    • Lock out drills:
    o We practice setting a secure perimeter in the building once or twice each year. This is to protect students and staff in the event of suspicious activity outside the building or in the event of law enforcement activity in the area.

    • Tornado/Severe Weather Drills:
    o Twice per year, we conduct a drill that reinforces our expectations in the event of severe weather such as a tornado. Moving students into the main building and away from windows and doors is the focus of this drill.

    • Fire Drills:
    o Once per month we practice evacuating the school in a quick and orderly fashion. This drill is meant to reinforce with our students how to get out of the building in the event of an emergency such as a fire. These drills are coordinated with and the results reported to the Colorado Springs Fire Department.

    We also have a procedure for dismissing students during severe weather. This procedure is implemented in the event of life-threatening weather events. Most predominantly, weather involving lightning, tornadoes, or severe winter weather could trigger a severe weather dismissal. Please check the Stetson webpage for details on severe weather dismissal.

    Reporting Safety Concerns:

    • The district and the school encourage the use of a state-wide social media organization called Safe2Tell, for anonymous reporting of threats and safety concerns. Concerns about student, school, of staff safety can be reported on this network.
    o From the website
    • “Safe2Tell Colorado provides the only anonymous way for students, parents and community members to report unsafe and risky behaviors before they grow out of control.”
    • The school and/or local law enforcement investigate all Safe-to-Tell notifications. For more information, go to their website at Reports can be made via the website, phone, or app.

Safety & Security Overview

  • District 49 Safety Poster Safety and Security preparedness is a top priority in District 49. School safety is the responsibility of everyone – students and parents, along with staff and community members. District- and school-level safety and security teams are constantly coordinating with their local law enforcement partners. The district conducts monthly emergency procedure drills, as well as individualized training opportunities with school faculty.

    We're constantly auditing our processes for effectiveness and efficiencies, which includes identifying those areas that need improvement. This proactive process helps us ensure that our students can maximize their learning potential within a safe and secure environment.  In 2020, based on community feedback, we enhanced our security posture by adding armed security officers at select District 49 campuses.  As budgets allow, we plan to grow this security measure in the future.

    School safety encompasses multiple domains within the school environment. Each must be reviewed when assessing the level of safety for students and staff. Some components of our assessment process include development and enforcement of policies; procedures for data collection; development of intervention and prevention plans; the level of staff development; opportunities for student involvement; the level of parent and community involvement; the role of law enforcement; standards for safety and security personnel; safety and security of buildings and grounds; and development of emergency response plans.


    On this page, we share resources for the opportunity to find out more about how to keep your kids safe and happy.
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