Nursing Overview


    Dear Parent/Guardian; 

     We welcome your child and you to our school.  Please take a moment to read the following information regarding our district policies for health services. 

    Registered Nurses: Nurses in our district cover more than one school and are in each school at least once a week.  The nurse at your school has regular communication with the Health Para and is available if any health care need or emergency arises.  

    Health Para:  Your child’s school has a Health Para in the health room every day.  Health Paras are NOT nurses.  They have received training in basic first aid, CPR, and medication administration only.

    Health Room: Any student entering the health room will be allowed to remain there for up to 10 minutes.  If there is a need to contact parents, we will use the phone numbers provided at the beginning of the school year.  Please provide the school with current emergency phone numbers and update this information as it changes throughout the year. 

    Medication Policy:  Colorado State law governs our medication policy and under District 49 procedures for administration of medications to students pursuant to school board policy JLCA, Student Health/Nursing Services and requirements.  If your child must take medication during school and/or during any school sponsored events, you must provide the following. 

    ●      The school Nurse shall have received written orders for administration of the medication from the student's licensed health care practitioner with prescription authority.  Also, the parent shall authorize school personnel to confer with the prescribing healthcare provider by providing written permission for medication administration to students. This includes all over-the-counter, prescription, and homeopathic medications. (The only exception is cough drops, which are supplied from home, and may be given with written parent permission. The cough drops will be kept in the health room, and your student may have up to 3 per day.) The physician may fax medication orders to the school.  PLEASE NOTE: The pharmacy label applied to the medication bottle will NOT suffice for a doctor’s order.

    • Medication will be admiistered by the school nurse, or by school personnel whomm the registered nurse has trained and delegated the task of giving such medication. A parent is always welcome to come to the school and administer medication to his/her own child as necessary. 

    ●      Medication shall be in the original, properly labeled pharmacy container with the current date printed on the container, and all other parameters required for medication administration (student name, prescribing physician's name, drug name, dose, route, time and/or frequency. 

    ●      All medications must be kept in a secure cabinet in the school health room.  If a student must carry a medication on him or her, such as an inhaler, Epi-Pen or Diabetes supplies, a physician order is required, and the student must sign a self-carry contract. 

    Personal Care Items: The following items may be applied to your child if needed: Vaseline (for chapped lips), lotion, natural saline eye drops.  Please inform your school nurse if you do not want these items applied to your child. 

    Use of crutches and wheelchair:  Each health room has a wheelchair for emergency use only.  If your student requires temporary use of their own crutches or wheelchair, please provide a Dr.’s note to the health room and accommodations will be made:  Parent must provide mobility devices for their student, these will not be provided from the health room.

    Immunizations: Entry to KG and K-12th Grade School Required Immunization Parent Letter is for 2019-2020 & 2020-2021 is posted on this site (you can also access non-medical exemption form on this site)

    Illness Guidelines:  Falcon School District 49 is following the Illness Guidelines from the Colorado Department of Education/Children’s Hospital Colorado.  Please refer to these guidelines posted on this site.


    Falcon School District 49 Nursing Services:

    School Nurses/Schools/Email Address: 

    Patsy Prettyman, RN: Vista Ridge High School/D49 Lead Nurse

    Marla Haynes, RN: RMCA/Co-Lead Nurse

    Tamie Robb, RN: EES/RES School Nurse

    Leah Kasper, RN: OES/Allies/HMS School Nurse

    Nelda Dettwiler, RN: FMS/BRES School Nurse

    Erika Radcliff, RN: SVMS/GPA School Nurse

    Toni Smith, RN: SES/LTA/Child Find/PK/Medicaid School Nurse

    Amy Dreher, RN: SCHS/Transition Program School Nurse

    Michelle Gold, RN: FESoT/PPSEL Long Term Sub Nurse for 2019-2020 starting March 30, 2020 Schedule TU/TH only

    Kimberly Griffiths, RN: RVES/IVES/IVES Home School School Nurse

    Anitra Ingram, RN: SRES/SSAE/PPEC/PTEC School Nurse

    Shelly Duran, RN: WHES/MRES School Nurse

    Lena Orcutt, RN: FHS/PHS School Nurse

    Karen VanHorn, RN: BLRA/BLPA Shool Nurse