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Counseling Services

  • District 49's school counselors are here to support students and families throughout the educational process. Counselors are an integral part of academic achievement through addressing the student as a whole person with various supports in all areas.
  • Mission: 

    The mission of the school counselor is to provide a well-balanced, comprehensive, and developmentally appropriate program that addresses the academic, social/emotional, and career development of all students here at ALLIES. The school counselor is intentional about understanding the unique challenges that students at Odyssey have faced and continue to face. It is my goal to collaborate with all community members to continue building a supportive and attentive environment for all students to feel safe in order to learn at their full potential. 


    All students are unique and deserve to be respected.

    All students have the right to learn.

    All students have the ability to learn and succeed.

    Social and emotional capacities are lifelong skills that all students have the capacity to learn in their own way.

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