Counseling Services

  • District 49's school counselors are here to support students and families throughout the educational process. Counselors are an integral part of academic achievement through addressing the student as a whole person with various supports in all areas.
Myrna Rascon-Caro
Phone: 719-494-8805
DeDe Bolke
Counseling Secretary
Phone: 719-494-8811
Devin Allen
Academic Advisor for Alpha split A-CN
Phone: 719.494.8806
Abby Domier-Bonnin
Counselor for Alpha-split CO-GN
Phone: 719-494-2983
Stephen Anderson
Counselor for Alpha Split GO-K
Phone: 719-494-8829
Alexis Corral
Counselor for Alpha Split L-O
Phone: 719.494.8833
Nichole Navarro
Counselor for Alpha-spilt for P-SM
Phone: 719-494-8810
Michael Martinez
Counselor Alpha Split SN-Z
Phone: 719-494-8809
Mike Brandt
Dean of Pathway Learning
Phone: 719-494-8822
Heidi Cephus
VRHS Choice and Success Advisor
Phone: 719-494-8800