Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Services

  • Students work with a highly qualified CLDE teacher through various models. Schools accelerate the acquisition of academic language by providing a comprehensive support system, where they receive specialized, comprehensive English language instruction captured in the student's annual English Language Plan. The acquisition of English requires a collaborative effort between teachers, paraeducators, and the general education teachers, as well as professional development for all staff on how to deliver rigorous, grade-level content and provide language-rich, instruction for all students. 


    You can read a copy of our CLDE Handbook for the 2020-2021 School Year here

  • Middle school- English language learners who qualify are offered CLDE or resource support. Teachers offer this in the form of an elective class, but there are also co-teaching models and push-in support provided in the core content classrooms. Teachers monitor the progress of students in their core instruction and provide resource support when deemed necessary. In the elective CLDE class, students receive differentiated instruction in reading, writing, speaking, and listening depending on their specific language goals as identified in the English language plan. 

    The following skills are emphasized: social communication, academic vocabulary, grammar, reading strategies, writing skills, as well as the use of technology to better access curriculum.  Teachers have access to the Colorado Department of Education approved intervention programs Imagine Learning and Lexia Power Up to master reading and speaking skills on technology. Accounts can be accessed at home to help fill literacy gaps in students of all age groups. 

CLDE Teachers in the District

Grant Geis
CLDE Coordinator
Phone: 719-494-8964
Inés Stabler
CLDE Instructional Coach
Phone: 719-495-1149 ext 3225
Karla Palacios
CLDE Technician
Phone: 719-495-1149 ext 4298
Iraida Galan
CLDE Family Engagement and Community Liaison
Phone: 719-491-0327