• How do I register my student for the OWL lottery?

    The OWL Program follows the District 49 School of Choice process. 

    It's as easy as 1-2-3!

    1. Register for District 49 and get a Parent Portal Account,
    2. Fill out the School of Choice Application by the deadline
    3. Attend one mandatory informational meeting prior to the lottery.

    Please see instructions below on how to begin.


    If you have questions or need assistance with filling out the forms, please feel free to contact registration at 719.494.8911. If you have questions about the program or the lottery, please contact our Dual Language Immersion Specialist, Jessica Crawford Nelson at 719.233.2504.

  • NOT currently enrolled in District 49

  • The Lottery....

    This school of choice form does not guarantee acceptance into the Dual Language program and is not a first-come, first-served process for acceptance.
    After all choice forms are collected a lottery will be held. The Operation World Language (OWL) program will hold an annual student lottery in order to enroll new students. In order to be included in the lottery, you must submit a school of choice form by May 1st and attend one mandatory informational meeting prior to the lottery. 
    The lottery will take place on May 15th and notifications will be sent via email. 
    The lottery drawing will be used to fill all 50 available spaces for enrollment. After the available spaces are filled, the remaining names go onto a waiting list. 
    Upon notification, parents/guardians will have five business days to accept their student's spot in the program. If a response is not received, the opportunity will be offered to the next student on the waitlist. 
    Preference categories: Due to funding sources for this *FREE opportunity, requirements of home language and military connection will be considered in the lottery drawing. Maintaining percentages of Spanish/English home language students, as well as military-connected students is crucial for this program.

    Sibling preference: OWL and its families benefit from keeping families together. For this reason, OWL offers an admissions sibling preference. To receive sibling preference in the lottery, please make sure to check the sibling box on the choice form.

    Waitlist: OWL maintains a waitlist for all grades and only admits new students during the first and second quarters of each school year. To make sure all children are treated fairly, we use the following process:

    • Assign a number to each child on the waiting list by lottery.
    • Following the lottery, all parents/guardians will receive notification of their child's waitlist number. 
    • When a spot becomes available, the student with the lowest waitlist number in that particular grade will receive an enrollment offer. 
    • Once the offer is extended, parents/guardians have 5 business days from the acceptance date to complete enrollment and choice (if required) forms, including any necessary document uploads.
    • To make sure we can get in touch with you, please update us regarding any changes in email or phone numbers.

    OWL's acceptance is valid for the entire K-5 program. Once enrolled, we highly recommend a true commitment to the full program from the family and the student, in order to ensure student success. 

    Please note: It is possible for your student to move down the waitlist. This can occur when a student in a different grade accepts an open spot and/or when one of the preferential categories needs a spot filled. 

    *not including possible activity/extra-curricular/field trip fees