District Transparency

  • Transparency is fundamental to District 49 standard operations and in full alignment with the big rocks of our strategic priorities, in particular, “Engage Our Community” and “Sustain Enduring Trust.” A critical assurance in meeting these priorities is providing access to relevant information and interpretation of data to our stakeholders and the community.  

    Our longstanding commitment to transparency found a fixed position among the values depicted on the first version of our Cultural Compass. As we’ve matured as a district in holding fast to the values that shape how we treat our work and each other, we have incorporated transparency into the broader compass point of “trust.” 

    We welcome every opportunity to provide access to information. By engaging with our community, we are committed to nurturing trust, strengthening relationships, increasing collaboration and communicating honestly with staff, stakeholders and the community.

    As a public entity, our staff and community have the right to examine the process of decision making and to hold our publicly elected board accountable. Transparency prevents corruption as well as promotes accountability, responsibility and integrity.

    Please see the links below that can offer access and insight into information and data about which the community needs to be informed. 

    Parents and community members that wish to see classroom curriculum can contact the individual school for more information.


    Board of Education

    49 Answers

    Voice Your Concern

    Stakeholder Grievance


    Annual Reports

    Budget Information

    Building Our Future Community

    Continuous Improvement

    Contracts / Purchasing

    Cultural Leadership Advisory Council

    District Accountability

    Open Records Request

    Rights & Responsibilities

    Voice of the Workforce Surveys

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