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    Trying to avoid student loan debt? Concurrent Enrollment is offered at all D49 high schools and provides on- and off-campus college courses for 2-year and 4-year degrees and hands-on career training through the Career Start Program. Earn free college credits, weighted HS grades, and 2 semesters of HS credit for each 1-semester college course. Contact Mrs. Allen today!
    Concurrent Enrollment
    Cheryl Allen
    Dean of Career & College
    Career Start
    Kenyada Lattimore
    Choice & Success Advisor

    ASCENT 12+1 is an additional year of Concurrent Enrollment for qualified seniors after the 12th grade. ASCENT candidates must complete 9 college credits by the end of 12th grade and may apply for full-time or part-time status. ASCENT is not available at UCCS.
    ASCENT students may participate in graduation services with their graduating class and will receive their HS diplomas at the end of the ASCENT year, due to state funding rules. All ASCENT students should complete their FAFSA and apply for financial aid and scholarships, to determine if that amount exceeds ASCENT funding.
    See more ASCENT & TREP details here.
    On D49 "Early College" campuses such as PPEC (Pikes Peak Early College) and PTEC (Power Technical Early College), students may complete up to 60 college credits towards their certificates, associate degrees, or 4-year degrees.