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  • Mission DNA: Deploying Numeracy Achievement
    The Building Blocks of Mathematical Minds

    El Paso County School District 49 will meet the goal of increasing military-connected student performance by providing professional development to elementary teachers. To achieve this, 12 district level, coordinated elementary schools will be invited to participate in a two-tier support training. This training will allow School District 49 elementary teachers to benefit from programs that will develop and cultivate a collective teacher efficacy for mathematics growth mindset, followed by a focus on developing teachers’ content knowledge with an emphasis on building student understanding.

    District 49

    District 49 spans 133 square miles of urban and rural areas in Colorado, covering northeast Colorado Springs and the falcon area of El Paso County. As the fastest growing school district in the Pikes Peak region, it's currently serving more than 30,000 students within its portfolio of schools. The targeted schools who will be invited to participate include our 13 district-operated elementary schools. Our military-connected students encompass about 20% of our students district-wide.

    Unified collective teacher efficacy is born out of the development of teacher growth mindset in mathematics in order to transfer and teach a growth mindset towards mathematics in our students. Our military-connected elementary teachers will benefit from programs that will develop and cultivate a collective teacher efficacy for mathematics growth mindset, followed by many additional resources to identify and practise research-based strategies to build skills to close gaps in mathematics. With this strong foundation, our goal is that no matter how students have performed in the past, the percentage of students with typical or high growth in the area of mathematics will increase in District 49. Mission DNA has made this dream of teacher efficacy possible. 


Mission DNA Updates

  • January 2024

    Posted by Desiree Magana on 2/22/2024 8:00:00 AM

    Rolling out Cohort 3! 

    January brings a new year as well as new opportunities! Mission DNA grant was awarded under the agreement of having 2 Cohorts. With the ongoing success of our current Cohorts, we decided to add Cohort 3. Adding Cohort 3 recruited an additional 50 teachers from grades K-5, including special education teachers. As of today, we have provided 150 plus teachers in our district the opportunity to increase their math efficacy and make a positive change for our students. Since the start of Cohort 1 in 2022, our teachers have dedicated all of their time and effort to absorbing the professional development we provided and implementing it in the classroom.

    The graphs below represent the growth that our military-connected students have had since the start of the program 2022 VS the active implementation in 2023. It is evident that students aren't just having an increase in knowledge, they are retaining this knowledge even through the summer. 


    Beginning of Year (BOY) star 360 scores for 22-23 and 23-24 school year. More students are now at or above the benchmark, with fewer needing interventions. 



    Upcoming Professional Development: 

    February 1st - Learning Lab Cohort 1

    February 2nd - Start of Cohort 3! Day 1, K-2

    February 12th - Virtual Coaching with Thomasenia

    February 28 & 29 - Learning Lab Cohort 2, 3-5 

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  • December 2023 updates

    Posted by Desiree Magana on 1/12/2024 8:00:00 AM

    Mission DNA in Savannah! 

    DoDEA held their Annual Conference in Savannah, Georgia from December 11th-15th. During the conference we had the opportunity to not only network with many other grantees and discuss best practices but, to further our knowledge to support our children. Since 2009, DoDEA has awarded 654 grants to 130 school districts in 36 states, totaling more than $763 million. These grants have impacted more than three million students, including over one million military-connected students, across the United States (DoDEA.edu). DoDEA is dedicated to helping support military students and focus on their educational growth no matter where their family is deployed. With a Vision statement, "Excellence in Education for Every Student, Every Day, Everywhere", DoDEA has really shown that they mean business. Programs like Mission DNA math, Steam and Dual Language programs have given our military children a boost in their educational and emotional growth. 

    DoDEA conference group photo of educators

    Photo: DoDEA conference with Region 5 group after a long brainstorming session in Savannah, Georgia.

    Upcoming Sessions:

    • Content Institute 3 - January 18 & 19 for K-2
    • Learning Lab Cohort 1 - February 1 for K-2
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  • November 2023 Update

    Posted by Desiree Magana on 11/30/2023

    Mission DNA is working hard!

    In the month of November, we held Professional Development for our teachers through fact tactics, learning labs and virtual learning.

    • November 2nd - Virtual Fact Tactics 
    • November 8th & 9th - Content Institute 3-5
    • November 13th - Virtual Coaching
    • November 30th - Content Institute K-2

    Teachers from D49 elementary schools who signed up for Mission DNA Cohort receive professional development to increase mathematical understanding for our military students. During these sessions, Juli Dixon, author of "Fact Tactics," and Thomasenia Adams, who co-authored "Making sense of Mathematics for Teachers" with Julie Dixon, work with our teachers to successfully teach our students a new understanding of math. It is critical to know the right verbiage to use, how to ask questions and when to help our students when they are stuck on a math problem. Since the start of Mission DNA in 2020, teachers have expressed an increase in self-efficacy in math, and it shows in the test scores of our students. 

    D49 Teachers in learning session

    D49 K-2 teachers attending the Content Institute in November with Thomasenia Adams.




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