• District 49 Cultural Leadership Advisory Council Membership for 2023-2024

    1. The District 49 Cultural Leadership Advisory Council (CLAC) will seek representation from each school, all district offices and the community. Every effort will be made to solicit nominations from all district workforce segments, student segments, community segments, and to ensure a diversity of viewpoints. Individuals may nominate themselves.

    2. The superintendent and CLAC executive committee will recruit nominees from the workforce in each of the district’s zones, the Business Office, the Education Office, the Operations Office, students, and the community at-large. Ideally, members will represent stakeholders from the district’s operated and authorized portfolio of schools, with a strong preference for individuals having a direct connection to District 49 as students, parents/guardians, workforce members, volunteers, taxpayers, or residents.

    3. Upon approval of the CLAC charter, membership will be open from May-July for all students, employees, and community members who support the vision and mission of the CLAC. Nominees will contact the D49 CLAC executive committee, complete an application, and submit the application to the executive committee (co-chairs and secretary). The CLAC will review and recommend applicants to the superintendent for final approval.

    4. Members will serve a renewable 1-yr term on the CLAC. Members who have already served a term may request to serve additional terms with a limit of 3 consecutive terms. Such requests will be evaluated in the light of the CLAC members’ expertise and commitment, and with consideration to the benefit of providing the opportunity to serve on this council to other eligible candidates.

    5. In addition to the executive committee membership, the superintendent will assign an administrative liaison to provide guidance to the D49 CLAC and to coordinate communications with the Service Leadership Team (SLT).

    6. At their discretion, the board of education may appoint a liaison to the CLAC for direct communication and participation.


    Cultural Leadership Advisory Council Application:
    2023-2024 Membership application window has closed.