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Mr. Victor M. Santiago Jr.

I was born a long time ago on the island of Puerto Rico but I have grown up in many places throughout our world. I am happily married to a wonderful person and have three children, all grown up. I have had many roles in my life, from soldier, teacher, assistant principal, father, International Negotiator, Field Researcher, and rabid reader of books. I have taught Advanced German, Spanish, History both in our country and overseas. This year, I am especially excited about the possibilities for learners to engage with history “in the present tense”. This academic year, I will be teaching Global Studies, Civics and U.S. History. My email is and I am looking very much forward to engaging with our students.

My philosophy of education is based on the solid belief that education opens new horizons, creates opportunities, and provides the knowledge that raises productivity and innovation.  Education is a continuous cycle and does not end when an individual has completed their collegiate career; rather, education is a lifelong process. Teaching a student remains the responsibility of teachers, parents, and the community, building future citizens that are knowledgeable, inquisitive, and always hungry for new information. It encourages young people to become responsible, thoughtful, and enterprising adults.  

My decision to pursue a career in teaching extends from my desire to provide children with the critical tools necessary to become engaged lifelong learners. It is my mission to teach my students that learning is a continual process and that I remain dedicated in motivating and guiding them through their journey.  I want to assist students in taking themselves seriously and facing life courageously.  I enjoy the process of learning and the act of sharing that knowledge with others.  My ultimate goal is that students finish my classes as keen observers of global cultures as well as active participants in the community.  Teaching, for me, is about planting seeds of hope in individuals’ lives.