Teacher Pages

  • Every teacher has their own web page.

    These pages can be used as just a biographical page, or you can add classroom information or assignments. 

    If you don't have access to your page or your page doesn't exist, contact your school web editor of the D49 Communicaitons Department. 


    How to Edit and Update Your Page

    Here's a quick video with some guidance about teacher pages:


    Best Practice. At the minimum, you should have your bio, photo and contact information filled out in your about teacher app. Don't forget to use the details tab to get to contact information and a spot for your degrees and certifications. 

The Initial Setup

  • If you are new to D49 and have never signed into the website, the first thing you need to do is login to the website to let the site know you exist.

    Go to the D49 website. www.D49.org

    Bottom right: “Sign In”

    Select: “Website content management”

    Username and password is the same as your email with one variation: Do not include the “@d49.org”

    If you are a teacher, you should have immediate access to your teacher's page. If not, see below. 

    If you need access to other areas of the website or you are not a teacher, once you are login, go ahead and log out. Let your school web editor or the Communications Department know when this is completed, and then they go in and assign you to the correct pages for access.

    When you log in again, you’ll have access to those pages.

    This setup only needs to happen one time, but the login process is the same.