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    Articulated College Credit

    Students who take any of the courses in the Engineering pathway can earn dual credit for engineering from UCCS.

    Industry Certifications

    Students who take multiple years of Engineering will have the opportunity to gain Autodesk Inventor and Fusion 360 Professional certifications, giving them relevant marketable skills.

    Professional Connections

    We work with a committee of industry professionals who ensure that our projects and activities develop skills that are in demand in the workplace. They also provide valuable mentorship and coaching for students so that they can make informed decisions for post-secondary work or schooling.

    Project Based Learning

    In the Engineering Pathway, students learn through the design process, applying their knowledge and ingenuity to solve problems that are relevant and authentic outside of school.

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Engineering Courses

  • Introduction to Engineering Design (Full-year) Credit: 1
    Students dig deep into the engineering design process, applying math, science, and engineering standards to hands-on projects. They work both individually and in teams to design solutions to a variety of problems using 3D modeling software, and use an engineering notebook to document their work. Schoology Course; Blended class meets MW; Prerequisite: None

    Course highlights: 

    • Rapid Prototyping and CAD

    • Design Sprints

    • Wacky Races Design Challenge

    • Rocketry Design Challenge

    Principles of Engineering (Full-year) Credit: 1
    Through problems that engage and challenge, students explore a broad range of engineering topics, including mechanisms, the strength of structures and materials, and automation. Students develop skills in problem solving, research, and design while learning strategies for design process documentation, collaboration, and presentation. Schoology Course; Blended class meets MW; Prerequisite: Intro to Engineering Design or instructor approval. 

    Course highlights: 

    • Robotics and coding

    • Bridge-building

    • Environmental Engineering

    • Circuit Design

    Engineering Design & Development (Full-year) Credit: 1
    Engineering Design and Development (EDD) is the capstone course in the PLTW high school engineering program. It is an engineering research course in which students work in teams to design and develop an original solution to a valid open-ended technical problem by applying the engineering design process. Schoology Course; Blended class meets MW; Prerequisite: Principles of Engineering or instructor approval. 

    Course highlights: 

    • Student-led problem-solving

    • Professional mentoring

    • Potential for patentable, production-ready products