Local Election Process for D49 School Board Directors

  • Three District 49 Board of Education Director positions will be up for election in 2021.

    School board members are elected at regular biennial school elections, which will be held during the general election on Tuesday, November 2, 2021.  District 49 has a director district plan of representation.

    The Board of Education seats currently held by Dave Cruson (District 1), Kevin Butcher (District 5), and Ivy Liu (District 4) will be on the ballot on Nov. 2.  At this election, the seats for director districts 1 and 5 will be open to candidates interested in serving as a board director for a term of office of four years. The seat for director district 4 would be open to candidates interested in serving as a board director for a term of office of two years to serve the remainder of the term.

    A candidate for the school board must be a resident of District 49 and a registered voter for at least twelve (12) consecutive months prior to the election.  The person must be a resident of the direct district (1, 4, or 5) in which he or she is a candidate. 

    • Verify your Director District (Director_D) by using the interactive map below.

    No person who has been convicted of a sexual offense against a child is eligible to serve on the school board.

    A person who desires to be a candidate for school director shall file a written notice of intention to be a candidate and a nomination petition with the district's Designated Election Official in accordance with law.


    • August 4, 2021 – First day a candidate for the office of school district director may circulate a nomination petition.
    • August 27, 2021 – Last day for candidates for the office of school district director to file a nomination petition.
    • August 30, 2021 – Last day to file an affidavit of intent to run as a write-in candidate for a non-partisan coordinated election.

    Contact Donna Garza, District 49 Designated Election Official, with questions or for more information about the election packets and petitions at 719-495-1128 or dgarza@d49.org. Normal business hours are Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.


    Legend for Director Districts