• A Note From Ms. Katie Boal, Falcon Homeschool Program Manager


    Nearly six years ago, I found my way to homeschooling when researching my first master's thesis.  Since then, I joined the team at the Falcon Homeschool Program, first as a teacher, and now in my role of managing our program.  In my research and in my experience, I have found several things to be true of homeschooling:


    1) Everyone can be successful with homeschooling their child under the right circumstances for their family.

    2) Every child can benefit from homeschooling, and homeschooling approaches are unique to each child.

    3) There is no better way for you learn deeply about your child and how they learn than homeschooling.  The realizations that parents are able to make come from a lot of hard work and careful consideration, and the child benefits immensely from being included in this careful consideration and subsequent conversations pertaining to their learning styles and growth.


    I believe it is my job to partner with homeschooling families to provide rich opportunities to enhance your homeschooling journey.  Through our array of program options and supplemental services, the staff at the Falcon Homeschool Program strive to help every family succeed to benefit homeschooled students.