• Facilities Project Management is responsible for managing the Capital, Falcon Community Builders for Classrooms (FCBC), Mill Levy Override (MLO),
    and new construction projects in District 49.   

    The Facilities Project Manager works together with school leaders to support their project planning once approved. Overseeing the process from start to finish on large projects over $5,000 working directly with both Directors of Facilities, the Purchasing and Contract Manager, and the Community and Facility Planning Manager.  We aspire to achieve all of the project goals within a given set of constraints - scope, quality, and budget. 

    We use the "4-P's" of Success!  Managing roles of participation by following the cultural compass model.
        PLAN  -  The planning and forecasting activities with D49 staff.
        PROCESS  -  Coordinate with D49 staff the process and overall approach to project activities and governance.
        PEOPLE  -  D49 collaborates & has open communication with contractors and school leadership.
        POWER  -  Reports to the COO, following the chain of command and authority, decision making, and D49 policies.


    • About every three months Bruce Brown, Facility Project Manager, gives an update to the D49 Board of Education about capital projects and other construction happening in the district. You can see those updates here.


Bruce Brown
Facility Project Manager
Phone: 719.491-3182