Transition (18-21)

  • Transition (18-21) programming provides post-secondary and workplace readiness and training for students.  The transition program is designed to prepare students with disabilities to gain access to the supports and services necessary to become as independent as possible. 

    Students receiving special education services who have an IEP are able to access 18-21 services through their school districts. They may have met the minimum requirements for graduation in their districts, but have ongoing transition needs identified in their IEPs, by the IEP team, and based on assessment data. 

    • Division of Vocational Rehabilitation
      • Vocational Rehabilitation helps individuals with disabilities prepare for, secure, retain, advance in or regain employment by providing a range of services based on their individual employment needs and goals.
    • The Resource Exchange (Community Center Board)
      • TRE supports in determining if people of all ages are eligible for any Colorado’s Medicaid waivers. They assist with eligibility determination, developmental disability determination, assistance with enrollment and ongoing case manager. While TRE does not provide most of the services, they help connect you with service providers.
    • Community Agency Links
    • D49 Elevates Program (18-21 Services)
      • Students and families prepare for the next phase of a student's life after high school by linking with the proper community agency that will allow for a continuum of services until exit from the public school system. Students will gain skills in the area of employment, community access and independent living with safety and progress of goals being the focus.