• 4th Grade E-Learning 

  • 4th Grade Elearning will consist of assignments being posted on a daily basis through Google Classroom and Class Dojo. All assignments can be completed digitally on Google Classroom or by using paper/pencil and submitting a photo to your teacher in Class Dojo.  In math, students will navigate through a number of different sites depending on the assignment, which may or may not include use of STmath, Zearn, and Prodigy. For reading and Language Arts, students will use Think CERCA (Ms. DiDonato and Ms. Rue only), Lexia, MyOn, and links to the reader and workbook in Google Classroom. In science, we will provide links to videos so there is no need to log into a website.

    4th grade will utilize Class Dojo or email to communicate with parents, which is also the best way to reach us.

  • 4th Grade Teacher Contact Information