• 1st Grade E-Learning 

  • Check out a First grade student doing Heggerty! 


    Hello Families,


    Thank you for your patience and kindness as we navigate through e-learning together.  Here are some basic guidelines that may be modified as needed to accommodate you, your child, teachers, and expectations as they evolve with our new digital learning.


    Digital Citizenship- The first grade team is using Class Dojo as our platform to post and receive assignments.  This is not a place for you or your child to have social conversations with classmates or other parents.  As with all technology, please monitor your child’s usage so all communication is appropriate and follows school policy.


    Attendance-  Attendance is required.  It is an expectation that parents are checking Class Dojo daily.  There will be a daily community circle question posted by 8:30 am.  The response needs to be posted via comment, message, or email by 3:00 pm to count as your child being present for that day.


    Assignments- Assignments will be posted on Class Dojo through a google document.  It will have daily lists for mandatory and optional assignments. These assignments can be turned in via email or through Class Dojo messages or comments.  Assignments will be accepted as photographs, handwritten, or typed. Daily assignments need to be turned in by 8:00 pm on the day they are due. If this does not work with you or your child’s schedule please reach out to your teacher for accommodations.  Communication is key as we are all in this together.


    Thank you for your continued support in your child’s education,

    The First Grade Team


  • 1st Grade Teacher Contacts

    Tammy Myers- tmyers@d49.org

    Stephanie Peterson- speterson@d49.org

    Ben Turner- btturner@d49.org

    Katie Vosburg- kvosburg@d49.org

    Katie Zook- kzook@d49.org