• District 49 Coronavirus Updates

March 25, 2020

Dear D49 Family,

Thank you for your grace and patience as we make our way to the upcoming season of E-learning. Please know we are listening closely to the challenges and concerns you are expressing as we all adjust our lives in response to COVID-19.

We are working diligently to ensure we are safely and responsibly meeting the educational needs and expectations of the D49 Family. We understand there are still many unanswered questions about this process. We value your understanding as we take the time to respond with accurate information, while we finalize multiple plans to re-engage with learning on March 31.

We are committed to serving and supporting you during this transition to E-learning. In return we will give our D49 families the same measure of grace and patience as they begin the E-learning journey at home.

As always, we thank you for continued trust and understanding.

We invite you to listen to a few words from D49 Chief Education Officer Peter Hilts as we walk together into a new season of E-learning at D49.

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  • E-Learning

    On March 30, District 49 re-opened for learning under the new conditions of operations required by the coronavirus health emergency. For the time being, D49 will pursue excellence as E49, which acknowledges our move as a district to an E-learning and E-working model! Thank you for walking with us as we navigate our new landscape and season of learning created by this epidemic. 

    Our primary concern is protecting learning time while respecting the needs of families and students during this challenging time.

    We are also providing equipment to families who need support to participate in E-learning. 


    More information on E-learning is available on our E49 page.

    Specific class information is avaible on your school's webpage.