• E-Learning for CLDE Services


    Goals: In order to fulfill the mission and vision of the department during e-Learning, the CLDE Office and Teachers will innovate upon its existing goals by…


    • Providing instruction through online intervention programs (Imagine Language and Literacy and Lexia PowerUp/Core 5) and/or teacher-created formats.
    • Providing scaffolds and supports to learning based on student work.
    • Collaborating to review data as a digital meeting PLC every other week. Office hours of the CLDE Office, Lexia, and Imagine Learning will be made available. 
    • CLDE teachers and the CLDE Office will provide support to site general education teachers already in collaboration by recommending e-learning accommodations based on a student’s linguistic needs.
    • CLDE teachers and the CLDE Office will gather relevant data, through instruction or collaboration with core teachers, to support language proficiency as defined by the Colorado Department of Education
      • “two additional pieces of evidence must be collected to confirm the student’s ELP. Evidence must include two pieces of local data that demonstrates success in reading and writing through English language arts (ELA), science, social studies, and/or math as comparable to non-EL/native English speaking peers. 

    We are continuing to review the viability of providing TELL testing during the e-Learning session. All data prior to e-Learning has been extracted in order to determine proficiencies in case further testing can not occur.