The Beauty School program is open to juniors and seniors.  Students have the opportunity to attend beauty school through International Salon and Spa Academy, while attending high school.  Juniors and seniors who are interested in participating must submit an application of interest to the counseling office before spring break in the spring semester of their sophomore or junior in order to be considered.  The beauty school is designed to be a 2-year program where students will earn their Colorado licensure as a hairstylist, by graduation, making them workforce ready upon high school graduation.  Students earn high school credit that go towards some graduation requirements while attending beauty school.   D49 will cover the cost of the program while the student is still in high school.  Students can continue on their own to complete their full cosmetology license, if they choose to after high school; this is not covered by the school district and will be fully funded by the student.  Applications for beauty school are only accepted during the spring semester.  Interested students should fill out the application and submit to their school counselor before spring break during second semester.