Maintenance Request

  • SDLogo Submit a "Maintenance Request" for work orders related to facilities maintenance, such as carpentry, plumbing, electrical, custodial, alarm systems or grounds work.
    special projects If your request isn't related to building or grounds maintenance, and will rely on school funding only, we consider it a special project request. For example, if you're creating a new computer lab or media center, or adding a garden or turf, or you're simply wanting to reconfigure building space, submit a special project request for a survey of electrical wiring, plumbing and other infrastructural needs. If you need to remove a wall, move outlets or transfer Internet drops, submit a special project request to support your school beyond a typical maintenance request.
    If you need help with issues related to instructional technologies, student information system, operating systems, computer viruses, email accounts or network connectivity, submit an "IT Request."


    The format to input your organizational account is: D49\username (not email address)

    Submit Maintenance Request

  • Our IT partners at Sentinel continue to manage IT requests for service and now have a new ticketing process. 

    Accessing the Ticketing Portal:

    1. Proceed to; enter your username, which is your D49 email address, and password.

    If this is your first visist to the portal you will need to create a password.
    If you have forgotten your password, or not created one yet, choose “Forgot Password” and one will be sent to you.

    2. This will log you into the ticketing portal. Once logged in, you will see three menu buttons in the center of the screen. Choose ‘Get Help’.

    Complete instructions are in this PDF: D49 Sentinel IT Request PDF


     For immediate assistance or to report an outage, call the Sentinel help desk at 1.844.297.4815 or 719.495.1137

    Submit an IT request



    WebScouts is our vendor to do physical repairs for our devices i.e. missing keys, cracked screens etc.

    For hardware repair visit:

    1. Fill out the form by selecting the school name and enter contact information, email address and device details.
    2. Read the notes and information at the bottom of the web page before submitting.



    Submit a Hardware request