CDLE Teachers in The District

  • The CLDE teachers in our district-operated schools are required to attain their CLDE endorsement from the Colorado Department of Education. Through integration of the four domains of language, Colorado English Language Proficiency standards, collaboration with staff, and advocacy, our CLDE team is positioned to increase student achievement while ensuring language acquisition.  Click on the teachers below to go to their homepage and learn more about their school's CLDE program. 


    Sand Creek Zone

    Sand Creek High School- Jacklyn Kwon

    Horizon Middle School- Grace Terrones

    Evans International Elementary School-  Jessica Vignery

    Remington Elementary School-  Lisa Ulfers

    Springs Ranch Elementary School-  Linda Hagedorn

    Stetson Elementary School- Julie Leaman

    Power Zone

    Vista Ridge High School-  Rachel Connell

    Skyview Middle School-  Marianne Holt

    Inspiration View Elementary School- Janetta Roberts

    Odyssey Elementary School- Jessica Orinak

    Ridgeview Elementary School- Heidi McClure

    Falcon Zone

    Falcon High School-  Rosella Anderson

    Falcon Middle School- Mary Gonzalez

    Meridian Ranch Elementary School-  Leslie Allen

    Bennett Ranch Elementary School- Leslie Allen

    Falcon Elementary School of Technology- Kathy Tarry

    Woodmen Hills Elementary-  Brooke Austermiller


    iConnet Zone

    Each charter school within District 49's portfolio of schools have unique methods of providing services for English learners. For teachers, programs, and additional information concerning Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Education, please reach out to the individual schools.