• Available STEAM resources for 2020-2021!


  • Cool Science opportunity for Elementary and Middle Schools!

    100 Points for each qualifying school:

    50 points Day of Science for Single Grade Level

    20 points Interactive Science Demonstration Show

    25 points Hands-on STEM/STEAM Lab or Workshop.  

    20 points Hands-on Classroom Directed Activity

    60 points Full Science/STEM/STEAM Night

    20 points Science/STEM/STEAM Night Science Show(s)

    15 points Science/STEM/STEAM Night Activity Station

    100 points After-School STEM/STEAM Club (at least 6 sessions)

    25 points Teacher or Parent Training Session

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  • We have Spheros!

    While you wait, I encourage you and/or your educators who will be using our Sphero app-enabled robots to review a few things so they can get started in their classroom right away:

    • Download the Sphero Edu app (compatible devices) and sign up for an account: Here, educators will be able to view activities, programs and set-up their classes for using their Sphero app-enabled robot.
    • Educator’s Guide: This newly released resource provides all the ins and outs of using Sphero in the classroom.
    • Start Programming: Review our Activities to learn how to use Draw, Blocks and Text Programs with your new Sphero app-enabled robot.

    Sphero Power Pack

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  • Missoula is coming......

    Missoula Children's Theatre is coming to District 49!

    Would you like to host Missoula Children's Theatre at your school? You have the opportunity to do just that, through the IGNITE grant. IGNITE will pay for all costs involved. The school will be asked to provide the following: 

    • a piano and accompanist  
    • two rehearsal spaces 
    • “playing area” (the area in front of the set) 

    Wondering, "What exactly is Missoula Children's Theater?" Check out their Electronic Brochure  and Promotional Tour Video, to get an overview of the program, and details about what hosting a ‘residency week’ entails. There are several options for performances and performance dates. This is being offered on a first come, first served basis, so don't hesitate! If you are interested in offering this opportunity to your students, but do not wish to host, please let me know and I can pair you up with other schools in your zone, so that all students have the opportunity to attend.

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  • Other Checkable Resources:

    Texas Instruments Coding Calculators, hubs, and rovers:

    Texas Instruments calculator, hub and rover

    Picture Perfect STEM classroom kits:

    Picture Perfect STEM book sets Picture Perfect STEM class sets

    StarLab Inflatable Planetarium:

    StarLab Planetarium

    Turing Tumble marble powered computers:

    Turing Tumble

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    Resources for teaching and learning for all of these resources are located in our Schoology STEAM group under Resources.