• Available STEAM resources for 2021-2022!

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              Resources for teaching and learning for all of these resources are located in our Schoology STEAM group under Resources.

  • Checkable Resources:

    Texas Instruments Coding Calculators, hubs, and rovers:                                             

    Texas Instruments calculator, hub and rover         


    Turing Tumble marble powered computers:                                                                      

     Turing Tumble


    Picture Perfect STEM lassroom kits:                                                                                                                                                                                

    Picture Perfect STEM book sets Picture Perfect STEM class sets   


      LittleBits STEAM+ Class Kits:                                  

           LittleBits STEM+ Class packs


     Sphero Power Packs:

    Sphero Power Pack







    StarLab Inflatable Planetarium:                                                                                 

    StarLab Planetarium           


    Lego Education Class Sets:                                     

     child building with lego edu set


    Make-do kits:

    Make-do kitcardboard creations


  •  Cool Science opportunity for Elementary and Middle Schools!

    100 Points for each qualifying school:

    50 points Day of Science for Single Grade Level

    20 points Interactive Science Demonstration Show

    25 points Hands-on STEM/STEAM Lab or Workshop.  

    20 points Hands-on Classroom Directed Activity

    60 points Full Science/STEM/STEAM Night

    20 points Science/STEM/STEAM Night Science Show(s)

    15 points Science/STEM/STEAM Night Activity Station

    100 points After-School STEM/STEAM Club (at least 6 sessions)

    25 points Teacher or Parent Training Session

    Request Cool Science for your school!