6-8 Bridge Program - Ms. Heather Krammes


    I'm thrilled to start another amazing year at the Falcon Homeschool Program.  Having served previously in the enrichment program, I am excited to continue to grow and develop the Bridge program by blending entry-level academic courses in Math and English with Enrichment.  Ms. Katrina and I have some fun collaborative opportunities for students this year to really focus on "bridging" our two programs.  

    For more specific information on our Bridge Program, please view the informational video below.

    Bridge Informational Video

    Bridge 1 (Fundamentals and Intro to Lit) and Bridge 2 (Foundations and Lit 1) will both be offered for the upcoming school year.  You can view course descriptions and pacing guides below.


    Lit 1


    Intro to Lit


    Please reach out to me at hkrammes@d49.org if you have any questions.



    Krammes Family