6-8 Bridge Program - Ms. Heather Krammes


    I'm thrilled to start my 9th year at the Falcon Homeschool Program.  Having served perviously in the enrichment program, I am excited to continue to grow and develop the Bridge program by blending entry level academic courses in Math and English with Enrichment.  Ms. Katrina and I have some fun collaborative opportunities for students this year to really focus on "bridging" our two programs.  

    Bridge 1 (Fundamentals and Intro to Lit) and Bridge 2 (Foundations and Lit 1) will both be offered for the upcoming school year.  You can view course descriptions and pacing guides below.



    Into to Lit

    Lit 1

    Please reach out to me at hkrammes@d49.org if you have any questions.



    Krammes Family