• Charter School Bus Fee Payment Info


    To reduce the risk of spreading the virus to multiple buses and students, we will not offer transfer busing for “choiced in” high school, middle school and some charter school students. We will not have any busing for charter schools (LTA, GPA, BLP, BLRA or RMCA), PPEC, PTEC, SSAE or Allies in the mornings. In the PM we will offer busing for LTA, PPSEL, GPA, BLP and BLRA since they will not transfer any buses.




    Create an account graphic

    • Enter in First NameLast NameE-mail and Password.  Click on the Next button when done.
    • Click on the option of  Transportation Services for Charter Students >


    • Enter Last Name and First Name of Charter student.  Click on the Add Students button when done.

    Instruction Graphic

    • Review the student added to your parent account.

    Instruction Graphic

    • Repeat Steps 4-6 to add additional Charter students to your parent account.
    • Click on the Done button when you are ready to View student accounts and online forms.

    Instruction graphic

    • Click on a Student tab to view the Transportation form.
    • Click on the Transportation Services Application image, to view and complete the form.

    instruction graphic


Last Modified on July 13, 2020