Speech/Language Pathologist

Mrs. Jamie Mendell



Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Jamie Mendell

Hello!  First things first... a joke.  What's the coolest vegetable?  A Rad-ish!  Get it?  Oh good!  I'm Jamie and get the priviledge to work at Skyview Middle School as well as Vista Ridge High School this year!  I've been in the district for 12 years now and even graduated from the district years ago.  I've taught a wide range of students/ages in those 12 years and have been in different clinical settings as well.  In high school, I was in a major car accident resulting in me getting a brain injury.  I started speech language therapy folowing the accident to address my needs and ended up wanting to be a speech language pathologist!  Secondary students are a blast to work with as they are figuring out who they are in the world.  Their personalities start developing in this middle school stage and it's fun to watch and support.  When I'm not at work, you'll find me roaming the aisles of a grocery store, getting inspired to make my family a new dish for dinner.  I also enjoy paddleboarding, reading, working on house projects, and playing piano/singing in my free time (which you don't get too much of in this season of life!).  I'm excited to get to know families and support staff/students with communication needs this year.  Let's make it get one!