• Although the 2020-2021 school year has been a rough year for teachers, students, and staff; Falcon Elementary School of Technology achieved great successes with the Wellness Program.  Covid-19 prevented a lot of "normal" activities, one being the shut down of our drinking fountains, preventing students from getting a drink of water.  That was especially hard after recess and P.E class.  The Wellness Team procurred FESoT logo'ed water bottles for every student, enabling them to fill their new water bottles at the water stations and stay hydrated. 

    For FESoT staff, a "Zen Den" was created to use throughout the day to just get away, color, read, and catch a breath of relaxation.  We encourage all staff to participate in the district wellness activities. 

    Our Wellness Team is looking forward to bringing back what we had in the past for students and staff in the fall. 


    Wellness Hydration  Zen Den