• Inspiration View Wellness Success Story

    Inspiration View students and staff showed they had the “Right Stuff” this year for school wellness. 

    • IVES rocked the Harvest of Love food drive by collecting over 30,000 pounds of food. In doing so, IVES finished;

    #1 School in D49

    #2 Elementary School in Colorado Springs

    #6 Overall School in Colorado Springs

    • IVES community understands the importance of having a Healthy Heart. For their first year participating in the Kids Heart Challenge IVES saved 286 lives!! 7 staff members were “Slimed” as a reward for the students reaching their goal of saving 250 lives.
    • Students and staff enjoyed learning about the heart as they ran, jumped, crawled, and scootered their way through the Heart Adventure Challenge Course. This course is an integrated unit designed to instruct students on the design and functions of the circulatory system (including the heart, brain, and lungs) by taking them through the system in a larger-than-life setting.
    • Staff maintained their health by being active, eating healthy, and taking care of their mental health as they played BINGO. Some challenges included trying a new vegetable, taking a hike, getting 8 hours of sleep, and encouraging a colleague. 
    • Students stayed active at recess while playing on the new playground equipment, playing four square, hopscotch, basketball, volleyball, soccer, football, jump rope, and tetherball.
    • IVES earned the Fuel Up to Play 60 Touchdown award. 
    • Medicaid funds purchased sensory tools (Weighted blankets, fidgets, and noise canceling headphones)
    • CDE funds purchased indoor recess equipment (board games, cards, yoga mats, and calming tents).