• Arts Integration

    Students will experience a different approach to teaching and learning at Inspiration View Elementary School. Through an arts integrated appoach, we seek to foster individual student promises and passions through arts integrated learning. This intentional focus creates an environment that allows all students to develop as creative risk takers who collaborate, communicate, and celebrate through diverse learning opportunities while discovering their love of learning as they evolve as authentic human beings. 

    We are a District coordinated neighborhood school, not a charter, and not a magnet school. Our goal is not to create artists, though we hope that will be one outcome. Our goal is to create an engaging environment, where learning is "sticky", transfers across content areas, and where students gain a firm foundation in the skills and qualities that will serve them well for a lifetime; like problem solving, communication, collaboration, perseverence, fortitude, flexibility, reflection, and openness. 

    What does this mean? Students will learn all Colorado Academic Standards. In addition to studio classes in Art, Music, Drama, and Movement (PE and Dance), students will "construct and demonstrate understanding through an art form. Students engage in a creative process which connects an art form and another subject area and meets evolving objectives in both".  This Kennedy Center  definition of arts integration guides our planning and work. A simple example is if students are learning about ratios and proportions in math, they may do this while also learning perspectivce standards in art. Or, if students are learning about biographies thourhg reading they may also learn to "read" a portrait, which is part of the arts standards. This kind of approach provides real life application for what students are learning. It is authentic, connected and includes authentic tasks for authentic audiences.