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Ed Leadership and Policy Studies, Principal Certificate, DU MA Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment, UCCS MA Counseling and Human Services, UCCS

Mrs. Kristy Rigdon

Hello Inspiration View families, 

What a different start to this school year! We've missed all our wonderful IVES families and cannot wait to reconnect. We are also excited to meet many new families to IVES as our community continues to grow. 

Student and staff health is a prominent concern as we work to open safely in the current health situation. Information and opening plans changed rapidly. We appreciate your patience as we developed multiple plans for in-person and e-learning. My hope is that once we get under way, we can rapidly find a positive rhythm for our second year at Inspiration View Elementary School. 

For those of you new to IVES, we have an arts integrated approach to teaching and learning. Through this approach, we seek to foster individual student promise and passions. This intentional focus creates an environment that allows all students to develop as creative risk takers who collaborate, communicate and celebrate through diverse learning opportunities while discovering a love of learning as they evolve as authentic human beings. We are a neighborhood coordinated D49 school, not a charter and not a magnet school. Our goal is not to create artists, though we hope that will be one outcome. Our goal is to create an engaging environment, where the learning is "sticky" and transfers across content areas, and students gain a firm foundation in skills that will serve them well for a lifetime; skills and qualities like problem solving, communication, collaboration, perseverance, fortitude, flexibility, reflection, and openness.

What does this mean? Students will learn all the Colorado Academic Standards. In addition to studio classes in Music, Art, Movement (PE and Dance), and Drama, students will "construct and demonstrate understanding through an art form. Students engage in a creative process which connects an art form and another subject area and meets evolving objectives in both" (Kennedy Center definition of Arts Integration). This definition of arts integration guides our planning and work. A simple example is if students are learning about ratios and proportions in math, they may do this through also learning perspective standards in art. This kind of approach provides real life application for what students are learning. It is authentic, connected, and includes authentic tasks for authentic audiences. To support our mission, we are proud to be a Kennedy Center Partners in Education school and member of the Pikes Peak Arts Integration Collaborative. 

I believe that every one of us has passions and talents, and that it is the job of schools to capture and grow those passions and talents. Through an arts integrated approach, we can harness the innate creativity of students and watch them flourish. 

We also have an inclusive philosophy at IVES. This means that all students, regardless of talent, challenge, or educational plan, are general education students first and instruction takes place in the grade level classroom. Should supports be needed, those supports go to the student whenever possible, versus pulling the student from their peers. 

Thank you for choosing IVES! We look forward to a fantastic year, even with all the challenges COVID brings. 


Kristy Rigdon