Inspiration View School Year Information

  • Inspiration View Elementary School (IVES) Family Orientation

    2022-23 School Year

    Family Orientation Day is an opportunity for you to meet your child’s teacher, learn about classroom routines and expectations, as well as drop off supplies before the first day of school.  Afterward, you will have an opportunity for a school tour, pay for meals, and student fees.  All families are encouraged to participate.  If a family cannot attend, their child will come on August 3rd for the first day of school and bring their supplies at that time. 

    Teachers will be sending out a Sign Up Genius Link on July 27th so you can choose a time slot that works best for you and your family.  There are a limited number of slots available during each session so teachers can spend time getting to know you and your child.  If you have multiple children attending IVES, please sign up for a different time slot for each teacher.  It will be important for you to hear the teachers' presentation and gather any important papers before the first day of school.

    The district calendar lists August 1st as the first day for Kindergarten students, however, the Power Zone will have ALL students, to include Kindergartners, attend Family Orientation with a parent and our first full day of school being August 3rd. Please be sure to mark your calendars accordingly.  We look forward to seeing you and kicking off the new school year!

    Family Orientation consists of four 45 minute sessions for general education classrooms

    Monday, August 1st - Session 1 - 4:00-4:45

    Monday, August 1st - Session 2 - 5:00-5:45

    Tuesday, August 2nd - Session 3 - 9:00 - 9:45

    Tuesday, August 2nd - Session 4 - 10:00-10:45

    Admin will announce when each session has ended and ask families to exit so that teachers can prepare for the next session.  Because we want it to be worthwhile to families, it should be no less than 35 minutes.  This is your only chance to make a first impression!

    Our friendly, fun Studio Team (S-Team) will provide a happy first impression for our families! Studio Team teachers will help greet all families as they enter and help them find classrooms.  They will hold families outside until the start time of their sessions.  They will also collect all copy paper as families arrive.  Thanks S-team!

    Any information packets/documents you give out at your Family Orientation should also be:

    • emailed out to all of your families, via your distribution list, the first week of school so they have it digitally (make sure your assigned administrator is included on your distribution list.)

    • added to your district 49 website page -- Holly Bussell can help you with this if you need help.  (Your page also needs a professional headshot photo, a brief bio, and info on how to reach you.)


  • Interior shot of IVES

    Inspiration View Elementary is set to open with all D49 schools for the 2019-2020 school year. 

    Like the school, we're building the website.  Please check back for more information!

    To register, please contact D49 Central Registration


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