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    Our certified teachers focus on your success.  Whether you are looking to go to Ivy League, State University, Community College, Military or to attain a degree certification to enter the workforce, we can facilitate a plan that will get you there.  Individualized Education is our mission.


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    Human Connection:

    Too often online schools lack the human connection students, and families desire.  Our blended learning environment provides social and academic interaction opportunities that are safe and focused on student growth.  We host on-campus clubs, dances, celebrations, and competitions.  We believe that even in a digital world, building relational capacity with students and families is the foundation of a great educational experience.


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    Relevant to your Life:

    SSAE provides a rigorous, innovative learning environment that prepares students for their lives beyond high school.  Our flexible and innovative model builds student resiliency, time management, self-advocacy, and problem-solving skills through a rigorous curriculum and project-based learning model.  Additionally, we foster an educational environment where students take ownership of their academic journey and develop their own learning pathways.   These are the key success indicators businesses, and colleges are seeing.